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Re: Post Your Pic - Discussion Thread V2

TA-oh wow, that's an awesome picture for a phone, i doesn't look like crap O.o
Mooch-very cute picture, nice bandana xD
Ninja48-Asian Fro powers! fear them!
Jstar-whoa, nice pice but verrrrry bright O.O haha. was it made for myspace? cause i see the hearts and borders
OTC-I think I saw the red, it looks cool. and that's a funny edit your friend made haha
Mooch-best sign ever
ekang-good photography, normally when I take a pic like that, you either see me how you shouldn't want to (i.e. closeup), or you don't see me at all
kata-chan-very small, but it's a good pick. don't see any reason we should cover our eyes haha
Solus-I had that exact same haircut like a year ago haha
ShadowBoyNara-sorry if my last comment scared ya, was a little too hyper. like, nine cans of mountain dew hyper. honestly, you don't look that different haha. and your little boy lover looks like your clone almost haha. his hair is awesome as well.
Swt-you look like you belong in the matrix haha
LightDreamer-I'm going to guess you're the one making silly faces in the first two. and for the record, these are attractive pictures =P.

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