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Re: apollo 11 conspiracy

Well you would be surprised what the US Gov could do. Even if our movies weren't that good back then, they could easily produce a somewhat quality movie with the technology back then. There was a show where they tried to debunk the Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy and they did a okay job of doing it.

-The flag waving was a wire in the flag but I think it is bull because even with a wire it wouldn't "wave" It would just stand errect.
-The light shining on the moon was light bouncing off of Earth
-They said the waving was from the flag wire bouncing back and forth since the gravity is weak. I still think it is bull.
-they say the way they bounced on the moon was just how it is on the moon. I think that it bull since they just jumped about 2 feet and gravity pull them down as if they were on Earth. It looked like they were suspended by wires.

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