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Re: Precise Chakra Control for Naruto and Medical Ninjutsu for Hinata

Kiba said he wants to imporve his Jutsu at the end of the time skip and since he primarily works with Akamaru i don't see how they would do Medical Ninjutsu.

Depending on how the author goes this could all be speculation but i think it is on point.
The main thing i noticed is that in part two the focus is primarily on Naruto but on his current development not what he learned in the time skip.

SO far his chakra control has not been touched on but his chakra size has been said to be twice Kakashi's and it could be even more.
The Futon Rasengan is more powerful than the CHidori, (I think that he and Kakashi had a bit of a duel and that is why Kakashi's hand was in a bandage)
Right now he is progressing even further than when his time skip training and he is becoming more powerful than Kakashi in terms of chakra and jutsu.( he completed the Rasengan, something Jiraiya has not been shown to do and something Kakashi stated he could not do and thats why he created Chidori)

So he is gaining on the geniuses and one by one he will surpass them. Otherwise he would not be a good Hokage. How could he lead a VIllage if he still had his poor Chakra control. Strength of Will will only get you so far.

Hinata was shown to be smart, she was interested in medicine, she is clever and her Byakugan puts her above many others. This is why she must be a Medic Nin but since the author has not given her anything we will have to wait and see.

Oh and this confront Akatsuki thing is a bit old.

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