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Re: Fanart Request shop

Originally Posted by cyc View Post
if any anybody can get these that would be great, here are my request from way back

ok i dont want see, greedy but can i have some more art drawn? im trying to cmoe up with my own lil story and dtuff and i need some chacrter pics. if it can be done i have a few other request right off the back
1. Male charcter around the preteen stage but with frizzy short hair. I need him with sort of a mischevious look about him. Normal eyes and him wearing a regular gi suit would be fine.
2. I need an adult female character who has a look of confidence and peace about her, and wearing a kimono. Also include long hair that runs down her back.
3.I need a male charcter that is about the preteen age taht has a look of mysterious about them. I wish for this character to sport a bald head but a small pontail that extends no further than shoulder length. I prefer him wearing a vest and pants that have some fluff to them(I mean space by fluff)
if these can be done that would be greatly appreciated.
My bad, man. I forgot your request. x.x
I'll finish em' real soon though, that's a promise.

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