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Re: Post Your Pic - Discussion Thread V2

Kiba-wow that's really good work O.o I actually thought you had it made by a tailor or someting haha.
mangasbzo-Oh shaz, it is like Mr. Garrison...except less irritating haha
Kiba-yes going to work must suck
hinata-very nice photo ^^
Vanity-very nice pic as well haha
6_Naruto_6-wow, congrats you are one of the few Caucasians I have seen who look good with hair that short O.O
Sakura_Drops-best. cake. ever. QUICK STEAL IT!
Corbenk-O.O can I be an apostle? Please?
Pride-one of the best sad faces I've ever seen
Lily-very nice pic, good photography and you don't look half-bad haha I'm just messin with ya, it's a good pic =P could SO make that into a CD cover.
SirBenoit-dude you look badass with the hat haha
Lily-well whatever your yaoi specialist is, he has great hair haha. and good pic with your friend, the video really is a great feature

My god I gotta stop forgetting I go on forums @-@

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