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Re: Such thing as Luck?

Luck is determined by the brain as a fortunate event/good event. Luck isn't very realistic in most cases but good things do tend to happen. Luck varies from person to person. I believe in Karma (which, btw is the height of hypocracy these days) so if someone is lucky, than some form of "why couldn't that of happened to me" would be going through your head. To the other person, some form of "sweet" would be going through there head. But most people define luck as a fortunate event that wasn't intentional or cause by anything. Since humans are very self-centered and think of themselves as higher value of some other people, you wouldn't call it lucky that the sun rises every day because that benefits everybody in the world. While you would probably call it lucky that the sun rises every day if it only benefited yourself.
In conclusion, I do not believe in luck but rather, the good fortune of myself or some other people.
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