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Re: Fav Naruto Couple

Even those there is a thread simmilliar to this, there is only one couple and thats sasuke and sakura booyeah
]"Shut up. What do you know about me, with no siblings or parents?! You were alone from the start! What the hell do you know?! We suffer becuase of our bonds...You don't know how it feel's to lose them!"(Sasuke vs Naruto)

" The Reason is simple. It's not that I didin't cut those bonds. I didn't want to give him the pleasure of seeing me obtain power by following his ways. I merely spared your life on a whim. Come to think of, isn't your dream to become Hokage? If you have the time to come chase after me, you should be training. Isn't that right Naruto? That's why this time, at my whim, you'll lose your life." ( sasuke)

"Can someone who can't even save one of his friends become hokage?" (Naruto)
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