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Originally Posted by ekang93922 View Post
what do u mean by "dad's apartment" ur parents divorced or something?

anyway my room is my bed O_o;;; j/k ^^
Yup. They have been for a while.

Originally Posted by OffTheChain View Post
LN: kawaii XD and that I-No looks awesome o.o
and your papa is like my uncle, cept he would hold a zanpaktou or naruto frog purse XD
Yah, a few of the cosplayers had really good cosplayers. But there was some fifty-something year old dressed as one of those generic anime school girls. >.>
My grandparents' love frogs, so they probably have a frog purse somewhere. XD

@GG- I would've cosplayed, but I don't have a costume.
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