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Re: Post Your Pic - Discussion Thread V2

kakashi1300- xD, that last pic was great
Kiba-very good costume, I see it came together well ^^
Sakura-aweshome pose =D
LonelyNinja-whoa looks like it was awesome, and your dad got a headband? O.o, awesome.
Em_Leingod-diagonal pic O.O. nice glasses.
azumi-you combined the peace sign and mirror pictures into one! xD
shadowclone-nice pics, boredom can often lead to weird yet cool pictures.
azumi-lol, I saw the second pic and automatically thought of The Polyphonic Spree
hinata-cute pictures, and the second isn't that blurred =P
Gaara-whoa, I have the same drum set in my house. and the first pic is funky haha
Hinata sama-cute pictures, was the bus shaking in the second one though? xD!
Mooch-lmao, great picture! I love the captions, it reminds of ALOT of webcomics xD

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