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Re: Return of Uzumaki

xD thx anyways here da next chapter

Chapter 2
Naruto sighed. He didn't want to leave Konoha again. Nor did he want to tell his friends about Kyuubi. "At least they took it well, unlike most adults in the village." Naruto thought as he let himself fall back into the grass. "Alright people, we're moving out!" Asuma shouted from the front of the caravan. Naruto cursed under his breath and ran towards it.

The trip itself was without problems, even though Shikamaru was calling it "Troublesome" the entire time. When they had arrived in the mist village their mouths fell open. Everything was named after Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke & Kakashi. "Alright, we're staying here for an hour and then we'll make our way over the bridge." Asuma yelled as everyone made their way into town. Naruto ran off into a ramen shop named after himself, shortly followed by Yamato. "Ohayo sir, what'll it be?" The cook asked. "Miso ramen, please, and what do you want Yamato-sensei?" Naruto asked as he sat down at one of the bar seats. "I'll have the same, please." Yamato said as he sat down next to Naruto. "We don't get a lot of strangers around here, let alone konoha ninja, mind if I ask why your here?" the cook asked as he sat the bowls of ramen down in front of them. "There you are, blondy." A voice called from behind Naruto. "Hey Sai, I'm suprised your not dead yet, with your selection of names..." Naruto said as he turned to face the slightly older man. "Naruto... Can't you and Sai ever get along?" Yamato mumbled as he gulped down some of his noodles. He was also the only one to notice that the cook's mouth fell open after Yamato said that sentence. "Bandits!" A voice boomed from the street. Naruto, Yamato & Sai took this as their cue to run out of the shop.

"Weak, your all weak!" The leader of a small group of bandits said. "Well, they arn't ninja's.." Naruto said from the other side of the street. "Oh look, these guys have imitation headbands!" one of the bandits snorted. "Why don't you see if I'm a match for you guys or not?" they had already attracted some viewers on the rooftops. "Arn't we going to help him, Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura mumbled from next to her teacher. "We both know he can take them on easily, and I'm sure everyone here wants to see Naruto in action." Kakashi said as he focused both his eyes on Naruto. The bandits all drew their katanas and rushed at Naruto head on. Naruto simply cut through the katanas with his bare hands as a hot knife cut through butter. "Interesting, he's using his chakra to turn his hands into lethal weapons, but the layer is so thin that it cannot be seen..." Kakashi said as he hid his sharingan eye. The bandits fell to the ground soon enough and Naruto places his foot on the leader's chest. "W-what are you?" The leader muttered as he looked at the ruined katanas. "I am Uzumaki Naruto, and if I ever see you here again, I'll be cutting you into pieces." Naruto said as he tried to tune out the various cheers coming from all directions. "Alright, listen up, we're leaving in five minutes! Meet at the bridge." Asuma's voice boomed through Naruto's headphone.

Naruto was chatting with the rest of the konoha nine when Root came into view. "Alright everyone, your jounin instructors will escort you to your appartments, bad news is that you'll have a roommate, worst news is that one out of 3 will be stuck with his jounin instructor." Kurenai said, resulting in a lot of groans in the group. Five minutes later Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura & Kakashi were standing in a hallway. "Me & Sasuke will occupy appartment 7. Naruto & Sakura will occupy appartment 6. Wipe that smile off your face Naruto, your in seperate bedrooms." Kakashi said resulting from laughs from the team.

"With all due respect Kakashi-sensei, but why did you put Naruto & Sakura together?" Sasuke asked. "Two reasons. One, he is starting to look like me, meaning that he's always late. Hopefully Sakura can change that. Two : I don't wanna be stuck with Naruto 24/7 for months on end, I'm sure you think the same way." Kakashi said before heading towards the kitchen. "Oh, and there's another, small, reason. There won't be any ramen in town for the next two weeks..." "Poor Sakura..."

"I'm telling you Sakura I won't peek on you while your asleep!" Naruto said. "That's what they all say..." Sakura shot back. "Oh come on, we've been on how many missions? And how many times were we forced to sleep outside together?" Naruto said trying to cleanse his name. Sakura thought about it for a moment before waving him off. "Fine, fine, but your cooking tonight!" Sakura said, leaving no room for discussion as she closed the door to her room.

Naruto awoke the next morning to a pair of eyes looking straight at him.. He shot up, headbutting the stranger, who fell to the ground. "What is your head made off? Metal?" The stranger yelled at him. Naruto turned around to see that Sakura was the stranger. "What the hell were you doing?" Naruto asked as he rubbed his forehead. I came to wake you up lazy bum, we have to meet at the main office in an hour, they're distributing tasks." Sakura said as she saw Naruto run out of the room, grabbing his clothes along the way.

"Sakura & Shizune will lead the hospital. Chouji, Kiba & Shikamaru will become teachers at the academy. Sasuke & Jiraiya will be in charge of defence. Naruto will become my assistant and all the others will have to get ready to take missions and students." Kakashi said. Everyone left to get ready for work until the only one left standing across Kakashi was Naruto. "Why pick me as your assistant? Shizune has more experience at it and Sakura can manage the hospital without her." "You want to know the real reason? Fine. If one of the Akatsuki or Orochimaru were to attack Root, you would be the best chance we have to fight them off. Which is why I gave you a position as close to town as possible. That and it'll help you see how hard it is to be a hokage." Kakashi said with a serious look in his eyes. Naruto pondered about it for a moment. "Fine, but I wanna do the mission requests!" Naruto said as he snatched one of the piles of papers from Kakashi's desk. "Damn that fast guy, he got the fun part!" Kakashi mumbled.

"Kakashi-sensei, can I have a word with you? In private?" Sakura asked as she dismissed the nurses. Kakashi nodded and followed Sakura to her office. "I've been wanting to ask you this since we arrived. Why are there no records of the Uzumaki clan in Konoha's records?" Sakura asked. She noticed Kakashi's visible eye widen. "I suppose we can't keep it hidden forever. The Uzumaki clan was the strongest clan in konoha for a long time. They had nearly unlimited stamina and could muster huge amounts of chakra, therefore they could master any jutsu in a short amount of time. However they were stubborn, most of the time. Twenty-five or so years ago, a small war was waged against the now destroyed 'village of the flames'. They acted in the name of the fire country, bringing shame to konoha and the entire fire country. So the Uzumaki clan was sent to destroy them. It was a trap. Using a kinjutsu, the leader of the village blew himself and the entire village up, killing everyone in it. Including the Uzumaki's." Kakashi paused as Sakura digested the information. "Only one of them returned. Uzumaki Arashi, who died on the night Kyuubi attacked." Sakura's eyes widened. "Not THE Arashi?" Sakura said as she got up and took a book out of her shelf. Kakashi nodded. "He made me promise never to tell Naruto who his parents were. Until this day I have yet to find out why, but I respect his wish." Kakashi said as he slowly made his way out of the office.

Naruto entered the appartment exhausted to see Ino and Sakura their, chatting. "You ladies don't mind if I go lay down and die somewhere, do you?" Naruto said as he slumped into a chair. "Of course not! As long as you stay out the way and don't stink the place up!" Sakura giggled. "Anyway, Naruto, why did YOU out of all people get to be the second most important man in the village?" Ino asked. "Well, Apparently I'm the strongest person in the village, and the only one who can stand up to akatsuki. So Kakashi wants me close in case of an attack. Now I'm going to bed. Have a good night." Naruto said as he got up and walked into his bedroom, leaving both girls staring into his direction with open mouths. "Heh, looks like little Naruto is growing up" Ino said while grinning at Sakura, who merely nodded.

"Kakashi-sama! There are problems in the mist village, a band of rounins and missing-nin are preparing to plunder the town!" Ino said as she ran into the office. Kakashi looked at Naruto who nodded and ran out of the room. "Arn't we going to help him?" Ino asked when Naruto had left the office. "He doesn't need our help, we'd just be in the way." Ino stared at Kakashi. "Just how strong is he?" Ino thought as she left the room.

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