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Re: Valentines day(What do you have planned for your crush?)

Originally Posted by shiek View Post
If anyone has a secret lover how will you tell them?

Well I have been talking to this girl that I started liking because she has a great personality and the friends who I told I like her said she definately likes me but I am too much of a hinata to go up to her and say "Hey, I like you....".
This is the ultimate plan I came up with in math class. I plan on buying a valentines day card and getting my friend to write "Happy Valentines day from your secret admirer" so she can't recognize my handwriting. My handwriting is very easily recognized by many of my friends because it is so sloppy. Then On Valentines day I will go to school like I normally do but I usually get there at 45 minutes before school starts and there is nobody but the art and P.E. teacher around. I will go to her locker and stick the valentine in her locker by the air slot things. I already measured and the slots are 5 and a half inches wide so I know how big to get the card.
All day she will be guessing but she will probably find out because I will drop hints around for her to pick up on.

I fell in love with this girl after I got to know her. It wasn't one of those things where you fall in love as soon as you look at them. We are always smiling at each other for no reason and my friends keeps on telling me she likes me a lot and it is pretty obvious. I pass notes to her sometimes in class.

So what will you plan to be doing to your love on Valentines day? Chocolates, teddy bear, or a lovely card?
Oh! That sounds SO cute! *hugs you for good luck*

I don't have a boyfriend but I'm going to give some candy to my hommies...

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