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Re: Battle Royale: NarutoLounge Edition.

Feeling a bit better, hopefully within the next week or so I can properly get back on track with BR.

Miburo wandered around the starting point of the island a bit, for the previous days he spent a little time at night punding his fists into trees to make them harder.

'Gah, what I wouldn't kill for a sandwich....' He sighed looking back into the dark corridor from once all his school mates charged out into a war hoping not to die.

'Heh...what I wouldn't kill to get off this island' A gruff male voice said from behind Miburo. A cold metal cylinder pressed against the back of Miburo's skull sending a shiver down his spine.

'Any last words kid?' The voice mumbled, perhaps one of the few who did not want to kill in this game but were left with no choice. Miburo's eyes were still fixed on the dark tunnel from where they all came from, only to find out they were some silly players in a game of chance.

'Yeah. I'd like to know who my killer is and I want a fucking sandwhich.' Miburo smiled at what could be his last words. Miburo waited for the instant the gun lowered and then he would lash out at his killer.

'Hah. Sorry boy but I don't work that way...but my name? Lufia, don't forget it.' Miburo closed his eyes and waited for it to be all over in an flash, it would only hurt for a split second as it blasts through the skull and into the brain.


No bullet and no death...

'Fuck...the safety pin...' Lufia panicked.

'Mother fucker!' Miburo cried out spinning round and grabbing Lufia's wrist. Applying full pressure to the wrist Lufia then let go of the gun while crying in agony.

'You wanted to kill me with a fucking gun? Pussy!' Miburo's battered hands picked up Lufia's eagle by the barrell and smacked him between the eyes full force with the handle. Followed by a loud crack blood poured out of the wound, some splattering over Miburo himself.

'I think its time I should act mature and finish this...' Grabbing Lufia by his hair, Miburo placed his teeth against a near by log. Lufia tried to let out muffled cries of mercy but none would change Miburo's mind.

'Hmmph....' raising his right leg, Miburo smashed through the air smacking Lufia right in the back of the head with his brown leather boots. Cracking of teeth could be heard from around ten meters away.

'Another one already?...' Shadow grinned, blood running from his arm...
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