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Re: Kidnapping

Well first off, parents put their kids name on their clothes, becuase they are asked to. Usually by the school that the child attends, unless you're in middle school. Then you tend to recognize your own clothing and can pick it from a number of others like look like it.

Secondly, self defense is a good method for some, especially when dealing with stragners. But what if the person doing the kidnapping is not a stranger? Then what?

Kidnapping is unfortunately a fact of life. And most of the times nowadays, it's because of a jilted spouse in a custody battle. A jilted boyfriend/girlfriend looking to get back at their ex. Sometimes parents don't want to see their child placed in foster care. Those would be for a person who is associated.

For the kidnapper's who aren't. There could be ransom involved. Ex employee, fan of a celeb kind of thing. A stalker even. Or your flat out sicko who gets their kicks from seeing a kid scared out of their wits.

Regardless, most parents do what they can for their children. Mine for example. He gets off the bus, only when he sees the person who supposed to pick him up(I tell him in the morning before school). He isn't allowed outside unless I'm around. He goes to supervised "playdates" with his friends, and he calls me if he's going to be late coming home or not.
He knows the emergency numbers to call. How to mentally store facts about a person who acting suspicious and to tell me later.

But these can only go so far when he's around me or at a friend's house. To be honest, my biggest worries come when the class has a field trip.
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