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Ever heard of a lock-in? probably a few people locked in a pub getting drunk til morning? wlel, when my sensei was younger him and his best two pupils were having a meeting with some other heads of schools from different styles. They had a lock in. ther was TKD, kick boxing and some other style, karate I think. My sensei does Aikido. aikido won, pretty much flat out, why? because to attack is to create an opening, and if the person knows how, they can use that opening and destroy you. That's the bottom line. now, why did Aikido win? I hear you ask, because, Aikido is PURELY self defense and my sensei has been training for a very long time, he taught unarmed combat to the US Military. To not attack, and to be perpared for an attack, is to not leave an opening, and to be sensing all your opponents. Aikido will win, if the expertise is there.
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