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Official Fanclub List

Below is a list of the official Naruto Lounge fanclubs. At the moment, owners of each fanclub may create a thread for their fanclub. In the future I will look into more features for the fanclubs.

- No member may be in more than 5 fanclubs. We may raise this limit in the future.

- All members must list the fanclubs they are in or else that member will not count. We will do prediodic checks (owners should do the same to prevent their fanclub becoming void.

- Owners of a fanclub must put their status in their signature.

- A fanclub must have 8 members.

- To become an official fanclub, you must meet all the rules and requirements and the file a request.

Official Fanclubs
- The Gotei 13 (11 Members)
- Missing NIN (17 Members)
- Luffy (13 Members)
- Jing: King of Bandits (8 Members)
- British (18 Members)
- War of Sharingan (33 Members)
- Bankai (15 Members)
- Oiroke(Sexy) no Jutsu (48 Members)
- Sesshomaru (12 Members)
- naruto x sasuke (13 Members)
- The Uchiha Sasuke (43 Members)
- Hyuuga Hinata (18 Members)
- hinata and naruto (34 Members)
- The NEW Uzumaki Naruto (45 Members)
- The NEW Hyuuga Neji (54 Members)
- The Sand Shinobis (34 Members)
- Kiba and Akamaru (26 Members)
- Gundam SEED/Destiny (15 Members)
- Orochimaru Haters (20 Members)
- Asian Ladies (41 Members)
- Hidden Sound (14 Members)
- Neji X Ten (13 Members)
- The Konoha 5 (118 Members)
- BAD GUYS (29 Members)
- Pervs of Naruto (14 Members)
- Rave Master (12 Members)
- Orochimaru (9 Members)
- Shino Aburame (14 Members)
- The 1st Hitsugaya (24 Members)
- YuYu Hakusho (8 Members)
- Zabuza (15 Members)
- New Akatsuki (14 Members)
- The Kimimaro (11 Members)

- Hatake Kakashi FC
- Pro Gamer FC
- Naruto Girls FC
- Official Prince of Tennis FC
- The Counter Strike FC
- WWE Fan Club

Official Fanclub Directory: Here

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