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/naruto 586 spoiler\

613 : ◆27p9/DnZE//X :2012/05/16(水) 14:41:08.28 ID:LnNlfp2W0


二人がぶつかり合い攻防の末カブトの角が切られる。(斬られていたはずの角が再度有っ て斬られ た)

    「運命を決める術 これがイザナミだ」


Izanami is activated, Kabuto falls into the doujutsu, and the decided destiny begins to loop.

It starts with a drop of water landing on his shoulder.
When the two of them finish attacking each other, Kabuto's horns are cut. The horn that was supposed to have been cut off earlier is cut off again.
A drop of water lands on his shoulder again and Kabuto realizes something's going on.
Everything happens again exactly the same. The same horns are cut.

Itachi: "I told you... I have seized your destiny.
You cannot escape this loop.
A jutsu that decides your destiny... That is Izanami."

Page 17


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