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One piece 669 spoiler

Raw is out

The three (Zoro, Brook, Sanji) had found the footprints and decided to follow them out of a sense of “romance” (you know… adventure). They finally arrived at a cliff.
They were attacked from behind by the Cool Brothers kyp gas shells, put into a “dead drunk/sleepy” state, and dropped off the cliff.
Before they fell on the pincushion, Zoro was able to cut them (to make a safe landing spot?) before falling asleep.
Caesar’s underlings came to collect their bodies, but Sanji woke up and took them out. He wakes up Zoro and Brook and they resume looking for the samurai.
At their feet is a freezing Kinemon. They don’t notice him, however, and proceed to trample him.
His torso feels so cold that he thinks it must be submerged in water.
The underlings who had all their possessions stolen by the crew appear in front of Zoro, but quickly run away. It’s like they’ve seen a monster.
Before them is the silhouette of a slime as big as a mountain.
Caesar says that the incident 4 years ago WAS in fact the slime.
It’s not that he purified the gas (?); rather, he condensed it.
Tashigi turns into smoke in the middle of battle. She can use the power to that extent, anyway. They steal a boat and send someone off the island to make a full report. Smoker is annoyed that he doesn’t have his own body.
Chopper and Law arrive at the rear of the lab.
But in the instant that they try to enter, something comes flying out.
Luffy, Franky, and Robin fly into the Marines vs. Caesar’s underlings battle. They arrive with a direct hit to the battleship (?). (The instant they hit, Robin alone sprouts wings and lands safely)
Law, Smoker, and the underlings are all surprised.

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