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First Presidential debate: Who won ?

Did you watch it ? If so who do you think came out on top ?

While I think both of them are clowns, in my opinion Romney came out on top. Can't say much for substance since there was so much shit flinging, but he out shined Obama in terms of style, and that is what people will focus on most of the time, and what the Media will spin to ridiculous levels.

Obama let Romney push the notion that everything should be fixed by now since Obama has been in office for 4 years, I think he didn't highlight his accomplishments forcefully enough, and most importantly he didn't remind the country that you don't fix the kind of mess he got in 1 terms. The man ain't magic, despite what some might think. I'm not giving him a free pass on the mistakes he made, but at the same time I'm a realist, the man inherited a country in the toilet.

I think he also dropped the ball big time when the moderator, who was shit btw, brought up bipartisan harmony. Romney gave the usual BS answer about how he will make every one Kumbayah, Obama should have laid shit out raw.

The republicans don't want to work with him period. He should have capitalized on that and made the case to the country that he needs to side step those stooges and act.

Those are my impressions, what were yours ?

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