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This Weeks English Episode

I don't know how many of you watch the eps on Cartoon Network, but I watch them and the Japanese because I am interested in seeing how they dub them and what the voices sound like.

Anyone happen to catch this Saturday's episode? They did a recap episode

I am assuming they didn't have the episode in Japanese because I never saw it. If they did then my rant is pointless.

It is bad enough there are 50 something straight filler eps during the end of the season, but now they are making their own fillers (again I am assuming this ep wasn't in the Japanese version). It is not like they need time to come up with ideas for a new ep. All they need to do is dub it.

What they did was recap the whole series up to the annoucement of the final test of the Chunin Exam by using character voiceovers. For the Prelims they used the flashback scene where Kakashi says Lee reminds him of Gai because of the eyebrows. The two gave an ESPN version of each match and they would repeat the Kakashi/Gai scene to add little jokes.

It is hard to explain the episode. Hopefully someone else who saw it could give a better description. The episode kind of annoyed me and I found myself fast fowarding through a lot of parts (I recorded it).

I want to hear other peoples thoughts on the thread. I was personally annoyed by it because I was getting excited about hearing the Frog Boss' English voice pretty soon and now I have to wait an extra week.

If the episode was in the Japanese version, just close the thread because I never saw it and assumed it was something they American version added in.
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Re: This Weeks English Episode

talk abouit it here man
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So true.

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Re: This Weeks English Episode

i watched it too, i suppose it could have been worse but it was also helpful for people like me who are still catching up to know wats going on so far, and it had its funny moments, like my quote... i loved that, but anyway it wasnt too bad
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