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Lightbulb Has rock passed it 5 year ruling???

As we may or not notice that a couple of year back , rock was ruling the airwave ..well in malaysia it did ....but a guy ( the person who brought Backstreetboys and other boy bands to fame ) - i 4got the fellow name...
he made a statement that rock would last for 4 -5 year of dominating the airwave and after that period music like BSB ..( i don't know the type of that music ) will be back to rule the airwave...i think it was something like that

Is it true? but ...i notice the changed ...( Malaysia) ..R&B and Hip-Hop seems to taking the airwave but still there are some rock song like Snow petrol-chasing cars and MCR-welcome to the dark parade...and other are holding strong ..what do you think ???
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Re: Has rock passed it 5 year ruling???

It shows..........ROCK NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Has rock passed it 5 year ruling???

I think it could be partly true I mean look at ashley simpson and all that section of music. Paris Hilton and K fed and then you have fallout boy so the new BSBish revelotion is here it just is not ruleing. But all those type music proves is that people will always buy crap. Rock is here as a genre to stay for a while but it may continue to evolve more like hip hop for a few years.

Hip hop may be king now but rock is not dead. Music must evolve for old genres to die they become something else. Just like people finally relise they are listening to junk new junk comes along to full them.
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