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Infraction for SMFox1987: Spaming

Post: How strong is Itachi really??
User: SMFox1987
Infraction: Spaming
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:
Please stay on-topic, if you are going to address rule violations, do so with a mod via PM, and not int he actual thread.
Original Post:
Originally Posted by Bloodkid View Post
SM let me just make it crystal clear that Grimmjow is unbiased. I'm a good friend of his and an admin on his site, yet he gave me an infraction for spamming not just Mystik.
As long as you received an infraction as well, then I am satisfied that no bias was shown on that matter. You're flaming however, as I have shown before hand, has not been addressed. You said if he gave you an infraction for breaking the rules on this issue, it would be trouble for him. If that in itself is his reason for not giving you that infraction, then I do see problems with it. As like it or not, you did break the rules and flame others, be it a minor flame, or a major one, it's still flaming.

Originally Posted by Bloodkid View Post
I know a lot of people are friends with her and I know as much as you would like to deny it your trying to cause problems for him by saying he's not doing his job properly when in reality your just defending Mystik.
...I don't even know this guy. For that matter, he's the first admin I've ever actually talked to or addressed in any way shape or form on these forums. Why would I be out to get him? I am merely pointing out that infractions are being made, without due punishment, and that he is purposefully ignoring that fact.

I do consider Mystik as something of friend. She has been fair, and is a respective member of this community. But I would not lower myself as to do this all just for the sake of 'defending her'. And if you speak to anyone on this forum who actually knows me, they will tell you that when I see something that I strongly disagree with, such as this infraction being ignored, I will fight tooth and nail to see that it is righted.

Originally Posted by Bloodkid View Post
Also just cause he is admin his job doesn't just revolve around him upholding the NL laws, that's the whole reason he was promoted. I might sound like I'm kissing ass but I'm just stating the truth, he done the entire site design and banner aswell for NL so he doesn't just sit around doing nothing or taking it easy as you put it.
And he has done a remarkable job with the site, as well as the banner. I salute him for that. But I was quoting you when I said that, not him. You said, that you thought he should be taking it more 'lax' on this thread after all the 'shit' people have put him through, as you put it. I was merely correcting your statement in that, as an administrator, he has no such luxury. It is still his responsibility to pass judgment where necessary for infractions and violations of the rules.

In all honesty, if he really does need a break from dealing with people, perhaps he should pass on said powers for the time being and take a break from the harsh chore that being an administrator requires undertaking?

Originally Posted by Bloodkid View Post
Back to the topic, Itachi has the ability to do genjutsu from his toes and unless you can prove otherwise by going against your first post then whatever, I'm high now so don't expect constructive arguements. My arguements probably weren't constructive to begin with lol.
Indeed, after all my evidence to the contrary, you basically just said; I'm right you're wrong. I've provided evidence on this matter, and I suppose I am now through with this issue.

As I said, all the methods of chakra control, the tenketsu points, even the level of chakra control he possesses all disagree with your statement.

There is simply no way to gain such training, unless he had chakra on a level such as Naruto and did super godly speed training for such a thing.

Eighty, that is an awesome post man.

Fireballs from the toes ^.^ That almost rivals your one post from before. Can you just imagine being held prisoner with your interrogator standing over you...suddenly...fireball the the genitalia!!
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