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New Bleach Manga collection?

I'm pretty sure that a thread like this has already been started but just in case, does anyone else here think like I do about adding a Bleach Library? Naruto Lounge was recently named Naruto/Bleach lounge and we only have Naruto Manga to read. Do you think Naruto Central's mods should add Bleach manga?
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Re: New Bleach Manga collection?

There's a reason why we have a Naruto Central and a Bleach Central.
NC = Naruto Anime/Manga
BC = Bleach Anime/Manga

..... Common sense?
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Re: New Bleach Manga collection?

Updated 4/9/08

Welcome to the Official fanclub Directory Database. I will keep these lists updated every 2-3 months, so not every one of these links may be active. In the event that a fanclub is closed or it's owner has changed thus a new link is made for it, I will update that as soon as it's been brought to my attention.

This Directory is divided up by Naruto Series first and everything else is put in a misc. section. Therefore it's easier to go through. All Fanclubs will be put in alphabetical order.

If your FC has reached 8 members, PM me or any other mod and we will move your FC request into the Official Fanclubs section.

I will be keeping tabs on these FCs... If they're inactive for 2 months or more, I will take them off the list.

If the owner/co-owners are inactive for a long time then anyone has the right to request to make a new fanclub of that kind.

See a broken link? PM me so I can fix it.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

Naruto Section
The Akatsuki Fanclub
The ANBU Fanclub

The Badass Shinobi Fanclub

The Gaara Fanclub
The Genius Fanclub

The Haruno Sakura Fanclub
The Hatake Kakashi Fanclub
The Hokages Fanclub
The Hokage Power Fanclub
The Hyuuga Hinata Fanclub
The Hyuuga Neji Fanclub

The Kage Fanclub
The Kakashi's Girlfriends Fanclub
The Kekkai Genkai Fanclub
The Kiba and Akamaru Fanclub

The Madara Uchiha Fanclub

The Nara Shikamaru Fanclub
The NaruHina Fanclub
The NaruSaku Fanclub
The Naruto Addicts Fanclub
The Naruto Debating Fanclub
The Naruto Uzumaki Fanclub
The Naruto Pairings Fanclub
The Naruto RPG Fanclub
The Naruto Shippuuden Fanclub
The Nine-Tailed Fox Demons Fanclub

The Rock Lee Fanclub

The SasuSaku Fanclub
The Sasuke Haters Fanclub

The Team Snake/Hebi Fanclub
The Team 07 Fanclub
The Tsunade Fanclub

The Uchiha Itachi Fanclub
The Uchiha Sasuke Fanclub

The Yondaime Hokage Fanclub

Everything Else
Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanclub

The Christians Unite Fanclub

The Digimon Fanclub
The Dragonball Fanclub
The Dragon Guardian Fanclub and RPG

The Evil Fanclub: Rebirth

The Fruits Basket Fanclub

The Halo Fanclub
The Hentai Fanclub

The Japan Fanclub

The Legend of Zelda Fanclub

The One Piece Fanclub
The Ouran High School Host Club Fanclub

The Pokemon Fanclub
The Prince of Tennis Fanclub

The Roleplay Fanclub

The S-cry-ed Fanclub
The Square Enix Fanclub
The Super Smash Bros Fanclub

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