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some thoughts of the current chapters first some facts:

- Orochimaru left Akatsuki because he could not get Itachi´s body
- both were in Akatsuki, when Orochimaru tried to get Itachi´s body and lost his left arm
- In the end of part 1 Akatsuki gathered and the leader (or someone else?)said that they all gathered 7 years ago after Orochimaru left Akatsuki
- Itachi was 13-14 when he killed his clan exept of Sasuke
- Sasuke is 15 in Part 2
- Sasuke told Naruto in Part 2 that he (Sasuke) is not strong enough to kill Itachi
- Orochimaru has to wait at least (?!) 3 years to perform his jutsu for getting another´s body
- 2 1/2 years left since part 1
- the cursed Seal was on Sasuke´s body when he left the room (chapter 345)

ok..i think that is enough.

sorry for all repeating questions and so on..but I find it necessary to put all the questions and thought in the same thread because it is easier to overlook that all.
1. question(s): When both..Itachi AND Orochimaru where at the same time in Akatsuki and Orochimaru left 7 years ago (counting from part 1) then Itachi would be 11 years at the time Orochimaru tried to get his body and failed.
With 11 years Itachi was stronger (or at least so strong to defend himself from Orochimaru´s try to get his body) than Orochimaru?
11 years old...but on the picture in chapter 345 Itachi seems to be much taller than an 11 years old child. How can that be? Or is Itachi NOT so tall on the picture and that is my imagine?
And I read some comments that Itachi joined Akatsuki in the time he killed his clan because that would make much more sense with his skills but does not make sense with Orochimaru´s leaving the organozation BECAUSE OF ITACHI!

Let us say that Itachi was 11-14 years old when Orochimaru tried to get his body and FAILED! Itachi was at that age able to defend Orochimaru..
Sasuke is 15 now and as Orochimaru said..Sasuke has more potential in his Sharingan than Itachi..would not that mean that Sasuke is either able to defend Orochimaru´s try? To me it makes sense..although Itachi is stronger that Sasuke yet (ok 2 1/2 years left and Itachi got stronger, too..makes sense yeah!)

And now the most unlogical thing in the Naruto universe..I hope so badly that I am wrong with this because nothing would suck more than this...

2 1/2 years left and Orochimaru tried to get Sasuke´s body..HOW CAN THAT BE? How can he be able to perfom this jutsu or whatelse when its said that he can do it when at least 3 years passed..when he would not to it..he would die like Kabuto said..OK that would make sense for the story to make Orochimaru able to perform the jutsu..but why does Kishi makes Orochimaru so weak then? Why did not he let Orochimaru healthy? that would make much more sense..i do not get that with the 3 years rule for the jutsu and only 2 1/2 years passed..

I mean Naruto and Akatsuki said in part 1 they have 3 years.
And that only 2 1/2 years left means that Naruto has time to rescue Sasuke and so on..and that Akatsuki have time to kill Orochimaru...

that is really annoying and I hope I am wrong with that..but the facts were told by the story..

And the last and current thing: When Orochimaru gets killed the cursed seal will disappear right? I read that from many people..That would mean that Orochimaru got the body..but that would not make sense with the power of Sasuke/Itachi..Itachi would have MONSTER POWERS at age of 11-14 LOOOOL
unlogical...and Sasuke has more potential in his Sharingan than Itachi
OK Sasuke might have won but Orochimaru is still in his body?! hmmm..possible..but what happened then to Orochimaru? How can Sasuke leave him alive in HIS OWN

OR you guys are wrong with the idea that when Orochimaru gets killed/dies the cursed seal disappear..that (to me) would not make sense...

I am sorry for all my foolishness when I am wrong with all these things.
And sorry when I wrote wrong facts and thoughts..I just wanted to do this because I do not see anything wrong..
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