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Dark Plague

Fear of the Dark Plague (暗いペスト)

Note: This fan fiction takes place some time after Sasuke recruits his entire team, as in, Juugo is already on it. And they're off searching for Itachi.

"Itachi, it's time for you to retrieve Kyuubi." said the leader of Akatsuki from within the shadows of the Akatsuki lair.

"Yes....Kisame, let's...." Itachi said as he was interrupted by the Akatsuki leader.

"Kisame won't be going with you." said the Akatsuki leader.

"???" Itachi had a puzzled look on his face when he heard this.

"Is this some sort of test?" Itachi asked.

"This is no test, Uchiha." said a menacing voice from within the shadows. Itachi quickly turned to where the voice came from and has a slightly irritated expression. He then looked over at the leader... "You're not serious."

"If the child somehow negates your Sharingan, you will need someone there to fully suppress the Kyuubi's chakra, should it decide to lend it's insane power to the him." said the leader.

"You shouldn't underestimate me...." Itachi said lightly, as he was cut off by this shadow Akatsuki member.

"He hasn't underestimated you. He does know that you're unable to suppress the Kyuubi's chakra, and no one else can do such a thing but me. I also suggest you do as you're told, and stop questioning things, filthy Uchiha brat!" said the shadow member.

"...." Itachi kept quiet, because he felt the shadow members' murderous intent rising.

Who is this new member of Akatsuki? How is it that he was able to shut Itachi up like that, with no reaction in return? Something tells me he's one of the hidden, more unknown members of Akatsuki, just like that flower lady. The difference? This is a fan fiction, and I won't hesitate to introduce him.

Mean while, back in Konoha, in Tsunade's office, Naruto and Sakura had a meeting with Tsunade about Sasuke and his intentions. (The meeting had already started, so I'll skip the small talk)

"So that's it? Do you think when the mission is over, Sasuke will come back to Konoha?" Naruto asked curiously.

"I don't know Naruto, nor is that our concern. Your mission is clear. It isn't to bring him back, because he's capable of making his own decisions. Please Naruto, don't tell me we have to have that talk again." Tsunade said, a bit annoyed that Naruto is still unable to let go of the idea that Sasuke may not want to come back.

"Sensei, how do we find Sasuke? I'll do my best to try and negate any genjutsu used against us, but we still don't know where Sasuke nor Itachi are." Sakura said looking not so confident.

"We have it worked out." Tsunade said, as her door opened, and in walked Neji Hyuuga.

"Neji Hyuuga. You've been briefed of this mission already, but just so these two know, you'll assist them in locating Sasuke, and only Sasuke. If your team encounters Itachi, do not, and I repeat, do NOT fight him head on. We'll need Sasuke for this one." Tsunade said in a stern manner, as Neji nodded in agreement.

"What!?! He's our team leader!?!" Naruto yelled as he pointed his arm at Neji.

"Naruto!" Sakura said angrily as she crossed her arms.

"This is a serious mission, Naruto!" Tsunade said strongly, as she stood up and slammed her hands against her table.

"Itachi Uchiha isn't one to take lightly! Anyone of you could be killed against him almost instantly if this team doesn't work together! Do I make myself clear?" Tsunade asked, looking directly at Naruto.

"Fine!" Naruto said as he crossed his arms and pouted.

"Naruto, we'll eventually need you to hit Itachi with your Shuri-Rasengan. Please, try not to miss. I'll do what I must to deal with Itachi's taijutsu skills and genjutsu. Sakura, you seem to be strong with dispelling genjutsu, but I'll need you to keep Itachi on his toes with constant flurries of attacks. Hopefully, Sasuke will also behave." Neji said as he leaned against the door.

"You will use your Byakuugan to search for Sasuke. This may take some time, so pack your things accordingly." Tsunade suggested as she sat back down.

"Hey, maybe we should bring Hinata along since she can use Byakuugan. We could cover more ground...." Naruto said as he was cut off by Neji.

"She won't last." Neji said in a serious tone.

"What do you mean? She almost beat you at the Chunnin exams!" Naruto said.

"Her Byakuugan and taijutsu skills haven't grown as much as mine have. I doubt she would last a minute against Itachi even with us there." Neji said.

"You're right..." Sakura said as she hung her head down.

"That's crap! You know she can do anything you can! You're just...." Naruto shouted.

"Naruto, Neji is right." Tsunade said calmly. "I've watched her progress. She has gotten better, but she's no where near where Neji is at, at the moment."

"Whatever!" Naruto said as he stormed off, not feeling very comfortable around Neji and his arrogance.

"Naruto...." Neji said as he slowly walked out of Tsunade's office. Naruto turned around as he was near an exit. "...I won't underestimate you again."

"The hell do you mean by that?" Naruto said in an annoyed manner.

"It means we're going to fight again some time. And the end result will be different, since I don't plan on underestimating you again." Neji said as he headed towards the exit Naruto was headed.

"......" Naruto just stood there quietly wondering why Neji even wants a rematch.
Mean while, Itachi and the shadow member headed towards the exit of their lair.

"Do your job right. Suppressing the chakra of that beast takes a lot out of me." Maikeru said. (YAY HIS NAME FINALLY REVEALED)

"I know what to do. There's no need to remind me, Maikeru." Itachi said, still a bit irritated. They both headed towards the exit, both encountering Kisame and Deidara.

"Where do you guys think you're going?" A puzzled Kisame asked.

"We're to finally retrieve Kyuubi from the brat." Maikeru said, not even looking at Kisame.

"Hmpf!" Deidara uttered as he walked off slowly.

"Hey, Itachi, why is he going with you?" Kisame asked with a smile.

"Re-enforcement. In case Itachi botches things." Maikeru said confidently, still not looking at Kisame.

"You certainly have an attitude, don't you?" Kisame asked, as Itachi grew tired of Maikeru's condescending ways.

"Do we have a problem?" Maikeru asked as he finally looked at Kisame. "Because, if we don't, then I suggest you get the hell out of our way and stop wasting my time, fish boy." Maikeru said mockingly, with a smile on his face.

"What did you call me!?!" Kisame demanded as he brought out his Samehada and pointed it's tip about a few inches away from Maikeru's neck.

"Kisame!" Itachi said startled.

"Hah....." Maikeru said, as he began to activate his dark eyes. His eyes turned pitch black with silver ovals centered in his eyes, as a few veins began to pulse around the sides of his eyes and face.

"......what, are you....doing...." Kisame said as he lowered his Samehada and slowly raised it to his own neck.
"Showing you your place within Akastuki." Maikeru said in a serious tone.

"Enough!" yelled Itachi. "We're wasting time. Let's go." Itachi said.

"Yes, let us go then." Maikeru said as he deactivated his dark eyes, and Kisame was released from Maikeru's control.

"......." Kisame just stared at Maikeru and his insane abilities, concerned for Itachi, as both Itachi and Maikeru left.

"He won't be foolish enough to kill him. He knows he answers to me." The leader said to Kisame as he suddenly appeared behind him within the shadows.

"I still think it was a mistake to send him with Itachi. You know how he feels about the Uchiha bloodline." Kisame said, as he turned his head a bit.

"Yes, I know. But he also loathes the Hyuuga bloodline, but hasn't gone out of his way to destroy that clan, has he? He's improved in suppressing his lust for murder. Don't worry about it." Said the leader.

".....(No he hasn't.)" Kisame thought to himself.
Itachi and Maikeru are sprinting through a forest away from the Akatsuki lair, when Maikeru went against his orders.

"Hey, Uchiha..." Maikeru said, as he stopped in the middle of an empty area of a few trees.

"What do you wa....gack!!!" Itachi tried to say and Maikeru grabbed Itachi by his neck and drove him up against a thick tree with insane speed.

"Let go!" Itachi demanded as he activated his Sharingan.

"Don't ever, talk down to me, nor interrupt me again. You're nothing to me, Itachi. Your Sharingan is pitiful!" Maikeru snapped at him, as he released his grip.

"I'm tired of you! Either kill me or I'll kill you! Either way, I won't put up with you any longer!" Itachi snapped back.

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