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Series to end "soon"? (Lost post, big discussion)

Let me clarify before some insane addicts go on a rampage about me actually speaking of the end of the Naruto series. "Soon", in this thread and what we'll be discussing, can be anywhere from a year to two years, maybe less, maybe more, but I don't mean in the next week or month, I want to make that very clear. Onward to the discussion! Also, if you're one of those people that is an illiterate child that whines and pisses about long posts, don't even bother posting here, I'll simply report you for being oh so useless, spare those of us that actually like reading and discussing, puuuleze.

Well, as we've all seen in the latest chapter, 352, Sasuke's team and Naruto's team will be, very soon, going after Itachi and Akatsuki in general. The main villains of the Naruto storyline are, in a lesser part now, Orochimaru (though we can't say he's out of it, considering he's inside Sasuke, not dead, remember that, which means there is in fact a way out), and obviously, the big contenders, Akatsuki, moreover Itachi.

With things falling into place and the wheels turning, it seems as though all things will come to an end soon (remember my definition...) enough. Sasuke and Naruto will no doubt meet each other, possibly having their final talk and a possible dual, to the death or otherwise. Itachi and Sasuke will also no doubt meet, and one will die, surely, or it will end with a retreat. You see what I'm getting at here? Unless Kishimoto really wants to continue the Naruto series and extend it's life even further (debatable as a good or bad thing at this point), there will be no more enemies left after this huge showdown, unless, like I said, a retreat happens.

Now, we still have the other Akatsuki members, Orochimaru's debatable comeback, and the relationship between Itachi and Sasuke, and Naruto and Sasuke. But, in the end, I do believe that these upcoming chapters could lay out the beginning of the end for the Naruto series, it's completely dependant on what Kishimoto wants to do. But think about this: (This is just an example, don't discuss these fights in this thread!) Let's say that Itachi and Sasuke have their dual, Itachi dies, then comes the Naruto and Sasuke revival. They fight, and let's say they resolve their issues with both of them near death and they eventually work things out, just for the sake of not starting another sub-discussion (which will not be discussed here, this is just an example).

Now, after that's said and done, what's left for the enemies and such? Well, we have the rest of Akatsuki, and then the leader and the other mysterious member. That will last the series a while, however, not all that long. One could argue we still need to learn their backgrounds and such, and yes, that will take up the majority of the time, but even so, I can't see the rest of Akatsuki and the Konoha story lasting more than a year. I'd really love to see the other Konoha teams get some action and such, we haven't seen much at all in Part II so far, but I don't think Kishimoto is up to it, to be honest.

The chapters have been getting shorter and shorter, the storyline seems to be picking up drastically, as of this latest chapter, and Kishimoto has been doing this for a very, very long time. So, after reading all of that, what do you think? Do you think Naruto will continue on for years to come, or do you think the series could end in the next 2 to 3 years, maybe 4, maximum? I honestly believe it'll be ending in the next 3 years, 3 1/2 maybe. Akatsuki won't take long to take out, going off of how fast the Konoha teams are advancing, the Sasuke and Naruto story could very well end by 2007, as the same for the Sasuke and Itachi story, maybe even sooner than that. After that, there's not much left for the Naruto conflicts, unless Kishimoto creates a new one (I'd be willing to be a big sum of money that he won't). Opinions? Discussion? Cheesecake?
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