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Read Or Die: The TV

In the midst of all the Anime Cliches we see again and again. It's nice to have something a little more original. Read or Die the OVA was this originality that many craved for a long while and the TV series, aptly named R.O.D.: The TV, is a continuation of the story in the OVA.

For those who haven't even heard about Read or Die, it's about these special handful of people who can use paper in any shape or form. This ranges from creating a giant paper airplane to creating a easy to use bow to simple daggers. These specialists in using paper are known as Paper Masters. In the OVA, the story followed the missions of Yomiko Readman to stop a diabolical plot from revived and powered (not to mention Insane) writers from the past from destroying the world. Yet as the OVA ended, I felt that there was more to the story and that some characters didn't really fill the parts that they should've.

Several months, later R.O.D: The TV caught my eye as I was checking for what may be showing on Tech TV's Anime Unleashed. I was pleasantly surprised with the results, though some of it did sting a little. Instead of continuing the Adventures of Yomiko and the two comrades she had in the OVA, R.O.D: The TV watches the path of Nenene Sumeregawa, a starving writer who has a friend relation to Yomiko. During a autographing session for one of her books turning into a movie, another jealous writer threatens to kill her with a bomb. Off to the side, three sisters (though they look nothing alike) suddenly flip out paper from their sleeves and pockets and foil the envious writer. And this is only the first 15 minutes of the 26 Half hour episodes.

The story can be funny for those who've seen the OVA and the intense fighting scene are really cool. The story may get a little confusing at times but by the final episode, you'll nod your head to it and may even may some good discussions on it. If there's anything else that's bad to say about this series, it's that the dubbing isn't as good as say... Cowboy Bebop, but it's no where near as bad as other titles like One Piece. Another snag that I ran into is that there are some over dramatic scenes, though it may one again be the dubbing. Lastly, this is just an opinion but one minor character, Hisame, has the most weirdest eye brows that I've ever seen on a anime character. Granted, she's a really nice girl, but her eyes brows are like three small lines that are supposed to be connected but they're not.

And that's my opinion of the series in general. Being the president of the Anime Club for my school next year, I intend to buy the DVD and present it to my fellow club members in it's subbed version, though I might have to check it first. So any opinions for those who've seen this anime?

The Following May Contain Themes that would taint your little mind into questioning your life and beliefs and possibly causing you to jump off a cliff... you poor hopeless sap.

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