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Star Ocean 3 fanfic: Anywhere But Home

I finally decided to start my fanfic. Please note that I'm not the best when it comes to writing, so bare with me on this. Also I don't own any of the Star Ocean 3 characters.

So I decided to have the story take place after Fayt and his group saved their universe, and everyone goes home. But only 2 souls are left still venturing on different planets....


Chapter 1 Lost

After Fayt Leingod and his group defeated Luther in order to save their universe, everyone's lives were back to normal, except Fayt and Albel's. They were wandering aimlessly, day and night, to find a town. They did once, but Albel screwed it up and made both of them leave. While wandering, Fayt was completely lost in thought.

'How in the world did I get stuck with Mr.Anger Management? If it weren't for him in that last town, we could've just bought a map, and we'd be in the next town already!' Fayt thought shaking his head.

"Hey fool!" Albel called back to him.

At that moment, Fayt suddenly stopped thinking and looked up at Albel.

"Yeah, what is it?" he asked.

"We're coming up to a sign and I can't read it." Albel continued.

Fayt walked up to the sign and glanced at the lettering. Then he turned to Albel and smirked. Albel just glared as usual.

"You really can't read this? You must be dumber than I gave you credit for." Fayt said grinning.

Albel became mad and smacked Fayt upside his head with his claw.

"Maggot, just read it before I get real angry!"

"All right, all right, no need to get your thong in a bundle!" Fayt exclaimed rereading the sign. "It says, 'The city of Ciltz is only 4.7 miles due west from this point.'"

"Is that all?" asked Albel crossing his arms.

Fayt nodded and he then walked off somewhere.

"Wait Albel! How do you know where you're headed is west?" Fayt asked.

Albel sighed and turned around. With his claw, he pointed to a faded arrow at
the bottom right corner of the sign. After that he walked off again. Fayt observed the sign real closely and could just barely see the arrow. Finally realizing Albel left, he ran in the direction the arrow pointed to.

Albel, who was at least 5 minutes ahead of Fayt, was beginning to suspect that someone was following him, but he didn't say a word just yet. Instead, he picked up a rock and threw it at some bushes.

"Ow!" a female voice said. A girl showed from the bushes, and Albel drew his katana and pointed it at her.

"Who are you fool?" he demanded.

The girl dusted herself off and picked some branches out of her hair, completely ignoring Albel's question.

"I won't ask again. Who are you?"

The girl flung her hair back and smiled brightly at Albel. "Me? I'm Tenshi. Tenshi Shinzo."

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