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Jiraiya's True Training Purpose of Naruto

From the confirmed spoiler of chapter 370, Jiraiya has known of a way that alows Naruto to tap into more power of the Kyuubi. We also have learned that Yondiame (as the genius he is) sealed half of the Kyuubi's powers into Naruto and half somewhere else. He knew of something/some great threat to come that would require the greatest of ability to overcome for the greater good (assuming this part). So if the Fourth knew of this greater evil to come, he sealed the powers of the kyuubi in his own child trusting that Naruto would grow to be the shinobi that would indeed surpass him. He also left the "key" to doing this with Jiraiya, the fourth's former sensei and trusted friend. He wanted Jiraiya to be the one look after Naruto and trusted him with knowing and keeping the secret of the kyuubi's sealing with him. That would act as another fail-safe incase anyone like AK tried to extract the kyuubi from Naruto...... then they would not get the fully abilities of the kyuubi and Naruto couldn't be taken over completely by the kyuubi when accessing his power (I assume taht the fourth was thinking this far ahead for the safety of Naruto and teh village). So that if Naruto ever needed to fully gain control, or was able to gain control of the half of the kyuubi within him, then he could train to access the other half but only if Jiraiya saw it fit that Naruto would be ready and/or needed to be ready. This could have also been the reason that Minato spoke to the Sarutobi about letting the village know that Naruto should be treated as a hero. But anyways, back to my point:

From the first point being taught by Jiraiya during the Chuunin exam, it happened my chance, but that was the first time that Jiraiya wanted to expose Naruto to accessing more chakra for larger battles and to get used to using that ability of his that could help Konoha at some point. Now I'm not saying that Jiraiya was foreshadowing all of this ahead of time, but he isn't dumb either. So he had a larger plan at that point of showing Naruto how to access that about of power from the kyuubi. With Jiraiya taking Naruto in part one as his pupil when going after Tsunade, it was because of his insight not just to Naruto resembling Minato in appearance..... or even his goal to be Hokage. His true reason behind training Naruto all those times in part one was to get him used to accessing that amount of power and being able to handle it. As he got used to accessing it, it would get eaiser and he could control it more. He also taught him hte Rasengan since it was his father's keep sake to improve that ability. Now with him training him during the timeskip, it was to mainly get him ready to handle AK and their motives so that Naruto could actually unlock what Minato had left to Naruto. Jiraiya knew that AK was powerful, but didn't know the depths of their abilities, so he trained Naruto to be ready to handle any situation. He wanted to make Minato proud by training up his son to carry on the legacy of Minato as well as prepare him for what Minato couldn't stop himself. The main purpose of the timeskip training we have not seen in Naruto is because during the training, Jiraiya saw Naruto not fit or ready enough to handle the next stage of power that he was to need. So Jiraiya's true purpose of training was not to get Naruto ready to handle Sasuke or even Itachi, but rather to carry out the will of Minato that he (jiraiya) was not fully aware of why.

What do you guys think?
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