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Re: Christians Unite FC

Originally Posted by sand_illusions View Post
They aren't unpleasent, they are simply defending themselves, and on the topic of some Christians shoving religion into people, yes that may appear to be happening, when really they are grieving for you because they want you to DESPERATELY be saved! I hate seeing constantly, and everyday my friends who are not saved, and I pray constantly for them. Luckily at my church, we are starting a new series called 'Just Walk Across The Room' which is sopposed to be able to get us more confident in evangelism (big word, i know) so i am super excited!!! i just wish that those friends would ask about Christianity...and not have to ask them (or there lack of) Holy..crap...I thought you were awsome, you were christian and you were proud of it but...damn..I just lost all respect for you. You want non-christians like me to be saved? You want us, those who dont beleave in being saved, to be saved? How the flying fuck would we be saved? Even if we were how would you or I know what being saved feels like or is? Is god sitting up there waiting for you and when you see him, hes like "*points and waves finger*, your a silly guy! A nice one..but you didnt get saved, tough shit, rot in hell" How do you even know if all of what your so violently spewing is true?! How do you know you have it right? Faith. Plain and simple. Some have it, some dont. But its what you have faith in that you and other christians/jews/etc. apparently. Why do you want us saved? 'cause every body deserves a chance at redempetion? Everyone has the right to thrust themselvs on their knees so they can repent and beg their god for forgivness? Do not grieve for me. Do not weep or loose sleep for me. Do not pitty or feel sorrowful for me. Do not prey for me. Dont even preach to me. I dont want promises of heaven and a hell, a life of peace cause i have welcomed god, or an after life that is made by my actions. To you I say that I welcome hell, I welcome heaven. I welcome god and all of his apposols (Spelling?) I welcome your bible that you have placed on my table, and I welcome your concequnces for my actions. I do not shun then. I do not ignorantly disgard them and continue you living naively. I take them in, choose what I believe to be right and what isnt. I do not want to be saved for god should welcome all his children into his loveing embrace not shun the bad ones. God invented free will and gave it to man, man invented law. God should not be governed by man's laws. Dont feel bad for your friends, for their lives are not worse then yours because they are not god fanatics. All of you christians are the same, every single one of you. You go to get ashes on your forhead but asked what it means and you trip on your tounge trying to find and answer. I ask you why jesus died for my sins when noone asked him to and you deny my right for an answer. I tell you that I do not believe in god, and you all either pitty me, prey for me, say something negitive about it. Look in this thread. Has one nice thing been said about people like me? No. Why? I have no idea. Maybe we are less then christians because we dont welcome god. Maybe we arnt nice due to lack of jesus. Maybe you christians are as blind as you claim people like me are. I have read the bible, and Iv said my prayers. I have recieved communion and I have seen miricales. But not once, not a single second, did I feel god. When I was taking care of my dying great uncle, when I had to lift his body up with the help of the nurse, god's arms were not lifting him with us, or alone. I do not blame god for his death. I simply do not see how god was with that man. When my father left, where was your god? When my grandfather, a devout jehova (spelling?) witness, got hit by a car becuase it was raining..where was your god? When I was having my mental break downs, weeping on the floor, screaming in emotional pain, and rotting inside. Where was he then? When my mother wept in the arms of her now x husband as her father layed in a casket. Where was he? Where was his embrace? When girls are raped, and men are murderd. When sheep are obliterated by a shot gun to the temple. When a car goes the wrong way and merges with a child. When the wind blows the wrong way and a man falls from a building. When a teenager is hurting themselvs, and doing all that they can to help themselves, but there still asking for help. Where is god? This god you so proudly shout in a march of doctrin. You have no answer, do you? Oh, wait you do. "They didnt accept jesus/god into their lives" So for this they should be punished? For this they should weep, and bleed, and scream, and hurt, and die? For this a man of the cloth is hypocritcaly killed for no good reason? For this a school girl is molested and raped by people on the streets walking home from bible study? I am sorry but I reject your god. For this god seems unjust and his rule seems as lost as his vision. For this god is no god, but a simple man who is no longing making sence but now is playing rules that seldom few can understand. Oh but its all for a purpose? That I agree with. But god has no purpose other then the one I have stated, to fill a hole. My father leaving and grandfather dieing has made me strong. But for those who are not me, what of them? The girl who got raped, what are the postives? The child who got melted into the front end of a hummer, what was the purpose in that? I ask you, no..I beg of you. Give me an answer. Give me a sensable purpose for all this choas that you have so willingly explained with the same old bull crap. Give me a new reason. Some thing that doesnt require my faith, something that makes sence no matter where you heart is. Till you can, I ll reject this paper mache god of yours.
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