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Re: Christians Unite FC

Now listen up a long darn hard minute FS, yes, yes I know that things happen to people, you think that i'm NOT aware of that??? you think, you think that all Christians are goody-goody two-shoes??? u think that everything is handed to us on a golden platter??? u my friend, have got it all wrong, way wrong.

first off, when you said:
"I ask you why jesus died for my sins when noone asked him to and you deny my right for an answer"

that, my friend, is a false statement, I can give you your answer right here and now.

Jesus died for your sins because God asked him to. you were so darn important to him that he asked his son to die for you. God LOVES you so much, so much that he wanted his son to die, Jesus took the weight of the world, all the murders, lies, broken promises, hatred, jealousy, and took it upon himself on the cross so that we can be reunited with God.

and you said how there are so many things in the world wrong, deaths, sickness, hate, rapes, murders, you think that those things avoid Christians??? you think that all other people who aren't Christians get punished BECAUSE they are are not Christian??? well listen up here and now! My grandfather has bone and blood cancer, and probably wont live much longer, my sister almost died at birth numerous times, my other grandfather died at age 56 because of a brain disease, my friend Kristina has failing kidneys and is expected to be wheel chair confined because of her illness before she is 16, her brother has MS and is confined to a wheel chair already, my other friend rachel tried to commit suicide numerous times before becoming a Christian because of all her problems, I was depressed and thought about cutting numerous times, my great grandmother is what my mom calls a body without a soul, after my great grandfather died, she now lives only to remember him, my pastor was an alcoholic, some friends of mine (who i will leave unmentioned) are Christian, but still underage drink and are suspected of doing drugs, my brother had to get spinal tap because of his sickness (long word i can't remember) and the doctors forgot to close it, his spinal fluids leaked into his body for 4 days, I've been in a car accident, my aunt has breast cancer for the third or fourth time, and that isn't even all of it! don't you see??? Just because we are Christians doesn't mean that God pays extra attention to us! God loves us all the same! ALL of us, even serial killers an rapists, all the same!

Where was God you ask when you were going through your tough time??? I aske dhtat very same thing when I was kicked out of the house at 15 for a while, at one time not allowed out of my room for a time, my mother gave me constant death threats, she told me how i'd never amount to anything, i was worthless and repulsive, and no one would ever like me, well guess WHAT!?! despite all that, i am still here, still here! yeah, maybe you have some other stuff going on in your life, maybe you feel (pardon my language cause I dnt speak like this) crappy and downright full of shit because your family is all f-up??? have you ever called out to God, not as an expirament to see if he would answer, but ask him like a dad, like a father, have you read in the Bible for a verse that describes you, have you ever taken the time to think about someone other than yourself for a minute???

okay. now breathe. say all the junk you want about what i just said, and think. think. think. how bad is your life actually? are you starving? do you have a house? a computer? a friend? a dream? what you want to be?

now, onto your next question.

The girl who got raped, what are the postives? The child who got melted into the front end of a hummer, what was the purpose in that? I ask you, no..I beg of you. Give me an answer. Give me a sensable purpose for all this choas that you have so willingly explained with the same old bull crap. Give me a new reason. Some thing that doesnt require my faith, something that makes sence no matter where you heart is. Till you can, I ll reject this paper mache god of yours.

what are the positives in this? what are the positives of the hate, the death, the illness, and the horrid things that happen daily? My friend DJ for example. He's a big, 18 year old, did some not to bad things, and with his parents the way they are, yeah, he partied some, drank some, the normal average tryin to keep a bad-guy attitude up kinda guy. Until a certain bad event happened(which he wont tell us) he gripped the realization that he needed to stop doing these things. Some of us at church invited him to cme, and he tried it, not to willingly tho. In fact, he thought is was downright gay helping out the third graders, and didn't come back. Something else happened, and he came again. and again. and again until he accepted the love of God at church camp. He needed a father, a kind, loving father who would always accept him, and he found that through God. and the church gave him a HUGE (70 highscoolers) who loved and cared about him enough to spend time with him and help him along the road to Christ. Through bad expiriences, it can bring them to Christ, no lie, my family was splitting ofr a while, and my mom say how happy some of her friends were at church, so she went to church one Sunday cause she wanted to know what made their families so close, so tight togehter, and there we realized the love of Christ, its like an invisible bond of comfort around us, which is a beautiful feeling. its really hard to feel God unless you know him personally, which is what a Christian is. Its a long difficult road, but it is amazingly worth it in the end, which is why i pray SO hard that everyone can feel his love, and just like my sig, even if you don't want me to, i will pray for you. go to my pastors my space,, and check out his blogs, they are awesome, also, see you at the pole is coming up at schools, you could go ask about God through your classmates that morning.

anymore questions??? i'll answer them for you

Originally Posted by AnticitizenOne View Post
Christian Girls ftw.
Originally Posted by Kites View Post
20/10 Christianity FTW

We live in the HERE and NOW
so don't worry about what will happen tomorrow, todays troubles are enough for today-Matthew 6:34

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