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View Poll Results: Would Sasuke kill Naruto Now?
Yes 29 31.52%
No 63 68.48%
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Would Sasuke Kill Naruto Now?


No. 1- Sasuke want to beats Itachi without getting MS the way Itachi got it, and wants him to get it.

No.2- Sasuke wouldnt even kill all those Shinobi that Orochumaru had him fight.

No.3- Sasuke spoke negatively about how Orochumaru and Itachi killed people for their own selfish purposes. \

No.4- the only people Sasuke has been seen possibly killing were enemies in battle, but not for sport nor Orochumaru.

No.5- Sasuke is better at consealing his true feelings for someone, but Nauto was his first close friend. Sasuke definitely still feels that bond with Naruto

No. 6- Sasuke despises Itachi for killing the Uchiha clan. Sasuke killing off his best friend who only wants to protect him would be almost as bad.

No.7- Sasuke told The guy rolling with him not to kill the people that Orochumaru had locked up. Not even one. If Sasuke would kill his best firend for being in his way, he would not care about anyone else being killed. If I'm not mistaken, Sasuke told him to free them. This is a guy with morals

Sasuke stated that friends and Konoha is what has been holding him back from achieving his goal faster. That was true. Sasuke only cut his ties with everyone so that he could hurry up and defeat Itachi. Sasuke saw Naruto gaining the power that he needed. Sasuke saw that Naruto was being trained by a Sannin, so Sasuke went out and sought Orochumaru, who already gave him a taste of power. I said this to say that Sasuke only wanted to become stronger, he didnt want to serve an evil Sannin as Kabuto did, so Sasuke didnt turn bad.

- Sasuke was too quick to kill the unarmed Naruto when they met again. since when would Sasuke not even give Naruto a chance to defend himself? He has more pride in his skills than that. He knew either Naruto would block it, or either Yamato, or Sai would stop him. Sasuke already knew that Naruto was being trained by a Sannin, their friendship started out of competition. Sasuke probably wanted to see who got the strongest from the teachings of the Sannins. Sasuke probably hoped that Naruto would try to fight back. If Sasuke could get up on Naruto without anyone even seeing it, dont u think that he could have cut Naruto without somebody being fast enough to stop him.

Sasuke was about to use, what seems to be a powerful jutsu before Orochumaru stopped him. Sasuke wouldnt just pull out the big guns at the start of the fight. You see how he did with Deidara. Most warriors want to play with u for a while. Sasuke just wanted to show Naruto, Sakura, and company how powerful he had become. He even showed how he had made chidori his own, and how he was too fast for them. Sasuke even went in Naruto's mind and destroyed the fox image. He used Sharingan. All this in hardly any time. Sasuke was clearly putting on a show. A display of all the things that he could do now. Sasuke left to train with Orochumaru because he saw Naruto becoming more powerful under the Sannin training. He was envious and jealous of Naruto. When they met again, Sasuke was just like, "Look what I can do".
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