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The Members of Team Gai FC

This is the Team Gai FC. This FC is all about the wonderful Team Gai and the shinobi on the team. Fans of Might Gai , Neji Hyuga, Tenten, and Rock Lee this is your FC!! This FC will be about:
-The members of Team Gai, individual and as a team
-Romantic pairings for Team Gai
-Team Gai and their fighting skills and techniques
-What you like best about the ninja on Team Gai
-Almost anything that has to do with the members of Team Gai as long as its suitable for the young members

-Flamming will not be tolerated, everyone is entitled to their own opinions
-No Random Posting
-Must Have "Team Gai FC" somewhere in your sig, or else you won't be counted as a member
-Be Active, try to post often if you don't post within a month I have to remove your name from the member list
-Be Respectful
-Have a good time!!

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Re: The Members of Team Gai FC

Ooh! I wanna join this club!
~Clubs I'm in~
Team Gai FC
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