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How to write your favourite Ninja's name in Chinese!

Aburame Shino 油女志乃
Akamaru 赤丸
Akimichi Choji 秋道丁次
Baki 马基
Ebisu 惠比寿
Gaara 我爱罗
Gekkou Hayate 月光疾风
Haku 白(this word means "white" in Chinese)
Haruno Sakura 春野樱
Hatake Kakashi 旗木卡卡西
Hoshigaki Kisame 鬼鲛
Hyuga Hinita 日向雏田
Hyuga Neji 日向宁次
Inuzuka Kiba 犬冢牙
Jiraiya 自来也
Kabuto 兜
Kankuro 堪九郎
Kimimaru 君麻吕
Konohamaru 木叶丸
Maito Gai 迈特凯
Mitarashi Anko 御手洗红豆
Momochi Zabuza 桃地再不斩
Morino Ibiki 森乃伊比喜
Nara Shikamaru 奈良鹿丸
Orochimaru 大蛇丸
Rin 琳
Rock Lee 李洛克(we usuallu call him 小李)
Sarutobi 三代火影
Shizune 静音
Temari 手鞠
TenTen 天天
Tsunade 纲手
Uchiha Itachi 宇智波鼬
Uchiha Obito 宇智波带土
Uchiha Sasuke 宇智佐助
Uzumaki Naruto 漩涡鸣人
Yamanaka Ino 山中井野(in HK, they call her 伊诺)
Yondaime 四代火影

can you understand chinese?don't you think chinese is beautiful?

dear,i am too tired. you know i really spent much time on this,do you like it?

if you don't find your favourite person's name on it,please tell me,i will give it to you as soon as i can!
I am a Chinese girl.Make friends with me!
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