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Naruto's Key to Power

Okay we all know about Naruto's Key, and how it was created for the purpose of reinforcing the seal on Naruto's stomach, if it weakens to a certain degree. If the markings on the Toad is really a Key, than its possible that once it is given to Naruto, he will no longer have to worry about his seal breaking apart, as he would make it stronger or weaker depending on the situation. But there is a reason why Minato had the seal separated from Naruto and was left to Jiraiya for safe keeping.

With the Key basically on the safe it matches, the Kyuubi's chakra would be released in full if drawn upon, and the ability of control Naruto has or had, would have caused him to great trouble to himself and the villagers, so before Minato used a variation of the Corpse Spirit Sealing Method combined with an Eight Divination Signs Seal Style to allow some of the Kyuubi's chakra to leak into the chakra system body and the Kyuubi's spirit to be sealed into Naruto, he made a key that would match the seal and placed it on a Toad that Jiraiya would use.

Going by that alone, we can tell that Minato left his son's care into Jiraiya, as he gave him almost full care of Naruto's self being. Jiraiya confirmed that the Yang chakra was sealed into his Naruto, while the Yin chakra was sealed into Minato's body (thus causing his death). Of course Minato and Kushina wanted Naruto to grow up to be very powerful and talented shinobi like in Jiraiya's Novel (which came true for the most part). Its assumable that Minato did not plan to seal the Kyuubi into Naruto. There was some sort of premonition that called for such, but that's another thread. Also there was a particular jutsu that needed to be mastered to stop whatever threat.

What do you think will happen once Naruto draws upon the Kyuubi's chakra after receiving his Key, assuming he did not obtain it yet? I think Naruto may undergo some sort of transformation from the inside (although I'm not fully discounting physical). What if once Naruto realizes that all of the Kyuubi's chakra is rushing out at an accelerated rate, he'll have to fight the Kyuubi on his own, this means no help from Yamato.

What I believe is that it would be a battle of Willpower, if Naruto is able to overcome the Kyuubi's range, he'll be in control for the long ride, if he looses,
he'll remain in a state of rage and chaos, causing destruction until being stopped by Yamato, or killed by a powerful shinobi.

I believe the tailed states are signs that the rage of the Kyuubi is slowly overtaking, if Naruto is to master the Kyuubi's chakra, he must rid himself
of the tailed states as they cause damage to him, Naruto also must fight by controlling the Kyuubi and making it submit to his every action. The Toad that carries the Key that matches Naruto's seal said that once Naruto enters the 4th tailed state, Naruto's chakra is pushed aside, that is something that must not happen.

Naruto must defeat the Kyuubi and over take him. Jiraiya said that Naruto's chakra was so dense that it burned his hand during Rasengan training, Yamato said that Naruto's chakra's defense was strong, as on a normal basis, any ordinary person would be burned alive by the Kyuubi's chakra. Yamato also said that the seal did not make Uzumaki Naruto, as he was strong enough on his own, which are all true, but Minato intended for Naruto to make use of the Kyuubi's chakra, and the Key was suppose to be given to Naruto because
that's his power now.

As a child Naruto did not know how to control the Kyuubi's chakra, as he hardly knew of the power he had until a while later. Naruto's chakra control was poor due to his natural chakra system suppressing the Kyuubi's, although slowly, as the seal weakens, the Kyuubi's chakra was slowly mixing in with Naruto's overtaking it with each passing year. If Naruto never had the seal, perhaps he would have done better in the exams naturally, as he's Minato's child, possessing some of his talents I would assume. But the seal actually makes Naruto even more stronger in the long run if he's able to master such a powerful and deadly mass of destruction. Mastery of the Kyuubi's chakra grants many bonuses, such as increased speed, power, healing rate, and chakra.

One problem that caused him major troubles after the time skip, was the fact that the Kyuubi's chakra is growing too much and too fast, he's not able to master such an amount of the Kyuubi's chakra at once, so as he gets angry
and the Kyuubi regains more control, Naruto begins to loose himself and he severely hurts himself.

If Naruto is given the Key and he somehow manages to hold back the Kyuubi and defeat it with his own will, that would prove how strong of a shinobi Naruto really is, as only he has the chakra to and the natural instincts to overcome the Kyuubi. Not only was he the only reliable vessel, his parents were Minato and Kushina (although I'm not sure how powerful she is). Last chapter Jiraiya said that Naruto lived up to his parents standards and is the one who will save the world.

I think after Naruto finally manages to get the Kyuubi under his will, we may no longer see the tailed states appearing or the Kyuubi's actual spirit having much to do with Naruto's decision making. Naruto will be able to draw on huge amounts chakra almost at will. During the fight with Neji, Naruto was able to draw on the Kyuubi's chakra and demand it, perhaps Naruto will be able to do it on a larger and more wide spread scale, allowing him to crush his opponents with shear force. By having the Key in his grasp, the Kyuubi's chakra will not slip out on accident, Naruto can force it out on his own, relinquishing all traces of the Kyuubi's actual involvement. With the amount of chakra and control Naruto would have, he'd not have to worry about going out of control once using "That Jutsu".

Like always, I'm open to opinions and suggestions.
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