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The secret of Akatsuki

Hey guys,

Pain, the leader of Akatsuki, refers to himself as a God. So I asked myself which God. The answer is simple...Pain is the manga version of a God Kamui, God of creation.

The Ainu people believe that Kamui is the creator of everything. The Ainu people of Hokkaidō recount the demiurge with a cosmology consisting of six heavens and six hells where gods, demons, and animals lived. Demons lived in the lower heavens. Amongst the stars and the clouds lived the lesser gods.
Notice the number six, six heavens, six hells

Now pls correct me if I'm wrong, but the 1st body to the right has a heaven symbol and the 1st body to the left has a hell symbol.

Now, this is where the things start to get interesting. In highest heaven lived Kamui, the creator god, and his servants. His realm was surrounded by a mighty metal wall and the only entrance was through a great iron gate.

I quote that ninja who told Jira that Pain killed Hanzo, ''Pain-sama resides in the tallest of the western towers...or so they say.''

Notice that my sources say that Kaumi's relam was suronded by a metal wall. Here is somethig else. Kamui made this world as a vast round ocean resting on the backbone of an enormous trout. This fish sucks in the ocean and spits it out again to make the tides; when it moves it causes earthquakes.

Ocean, mean, THIS(well, it's not an ocean, but it has a lot of wather,right?)?!

Now, Kaumi and akatsuki. I've been doing some research on Kaumi when I found something that likns some of them to Akatsuki members.
So, here it is:

Zetsu-Nusakoro Kamui

Nusakoro Kamui is an Ainu kamui (god). Called the community-founding kamui, he represents the dead and serves as a messenger to the other kamui. Nusakoro Kamui is the originator of nusa or inau, sacred carved wands that represent the kamui in Ainu ritual. He is responsible for maintaining the row of inau arranged outside of a traditional Ainu dwelling, and he carries the inau and other offerings to the gods, along with humans' messages of reverence. He is called upon to assist in rituals, ensuring that the respect behind them is properly conveyed to the kamui. He is assisted in his tasks by Yushkep Kamui, the spider goddess.

Nusakoro Kamui is usually said to be the brother of the snake god, Kinashut Kamui, but sometimes the two are regarded as a single entity.


Uchiha Madara-Kandakoro Kamui

Kandakoro Kamui is the Ainu kamui (god) of the sky. He is the prime originator of Ainu mythology, responsible either directly or indirectly for the creation of all things.
While Kandakoro Kamui is a powerful kamui, he is not presented as a supreme being. He is also in many ways a background figure: while his presence was necessary for the creation of the world, he plays only a small part in subsequent events, often as a mediator.[1] He is considered the overseer and master of the sky, much as Chikap Kamui is the overseer of the land.
He appointed Moshirikara Kamui to shape the earth, preparing it for inhabitation by humankind.

Simple, Madara.

Pain-Moshirikara Kamui

Moshirikara Kamui is an Ainu kamui (god). At the command of Kandakoro Kamui, he created the earth, shaping it and preparing it for humans to inhabit.

What is Pain doing again? Oh yes, shaping the world. Making people grow into gods. I'm still not sure about Pain.

Hidan-Kenash Unarabe

Kenash Unarabe is an Ainu kamui (god). She is a blood-drinking monster who preys upon hunters.
Kenash Unarabe is said to have emerged from the decomposing tools the gods had used in their making of the earth. She is a monster with a thirst for human blood, and a sister to various poisons and diseases.

Now, the only problem here is that SHE. Kishi could make that HE ofc.

Kisame-Repun Kamui

Repun Kamui is the Ainu kamui (god) of the sea.
Repun Kamui is sometimes depicted as a killer whale. In other instances, he is a carefree, somewhat mischievous young man armed with a harpoon.

Sea, ok. Whale, why not a shark? Hapoon, hell no, sword is cooler. Kisame is carefree

Kakuzu-Pauchi Kamui

Pauchi Kamui is the Ainu kamui (god) of insanity.
In Ainu mythology, Pauchi Kamui is an evil spirit born from the Willow-Soul River in Pikun Kando (High Heaven). It descended to earth to plague humanity with insanity, stomach ailments, food poisoning, seizures, and frenzied dancing.

Still, didn't find anything about Konan, Deidara, Itachi and Sasori 'cause my sources are limited to some number of Kamui, not all

I'm gonna read some books and I'll be updating soon

Hey Anbu, Mikey and all other dudes who hate me, I think u can finally say that I've done something useful.
Mess with me and...

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