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Re: Dark Plague

I'm planning on having this locked. Honestly, this fanfic was just supposed be about Maikeru and his history, but somehow I kept it going, for some reason. o_O And well, I'm sure you all can tell, if you've kept reading, that I've ran out of good ideas for the story as it is lol. I mean, how cheesy can you get what you have Sasuke + new king of snakes vs Itachi + uber crow? Anyway, here's just some quick things I had in store in my mind for finishing things up:

-Sasuke decided to ditch Team Snake and join Team Konoha temporarily.
-They all got some very special training at the Country of Heaven
-Sasuke trained with the two Uchihas there, and was able to gain two additional MS techniques, one of which is an automatic OHKO move, but costly on his chakra reserves and eyesight
-Naruto learned suiton, and combined his fuuton with suiton to create a typhoon type rasengan, which is more destructive that his Rasenshuriken, which he doesn't need anymore. Naruto also learned shunshin, though it's not as refined as others.
-Neji and Lee got some special taijutsu training from Heaven's taijutsu master, who's taijutsu makes Gai's taijutsu look like shit. He even taught Lee how to break someone down effectively without opening any gates (mostly). Neji also learned of his sister, Eliza, and how she betrayed Konoha.
-Sakura got some training in also, learning some great medical techniques, as well as getting some offensive genjutsu training from one of the strongest genjutsu nin in Heaven. The training also increased her defensive genjutsu capabilities.
-Wurai (the Uchiha guardian of the Kage in Heaven) made a seal on Kakashi's body that would allow Kakashi to tap into his full potential, and not be hindered as much as before from usage of Sharingan.

After all that...

-The leader of the main branch of Akatsuki had several meetings with Pain and Madara about certain things.
-The leader of Akatsuki and Eliza had a falling out, something to do with Jiraiya, while Madara and Pain were there.
-They had a little spat, and she chose to bail on them. But she knew he'd kill her, or have Madara and Pain do it, so she used her 'that' jutsu to buy her enough time to escape the hideout, almost killing the three of them.
-Eliza's 'that' jutsu is a black ice jutsu. She engulfs the area in ice, as well as walls, a black ice that if touched, the person is also engulfed in the ice and dies from the extreme internal cold. Also, the air molecules became tainted by the ice's mist, so if inhaled, the same effect happens.
-Eliza escapes somehow, and heads towards Konoha to warn Jiraiya.
-The leader of Akatsuki and Pain and Madara barely make it out alive. Madara offers to take care of her, but he wants to take care of it himself. So he sends those two of on other stuff.
-Eliza gets to Konoha and tries to reason with Tsunade, but Tsunade's not havin' it. To try and prove she's done with Akatsuki, Eliza ditches her Akatsuki cloak and hat, and puts back on her old Konoha forehead protector, which pisses off Tsunade, that a traitor would dare do that. Tsunade then makes a very, very snide remark about Eliza and the Hyuuga's traditions, which sparks a huge fight between them.
-Eliza proceeds to whip Tsunade's ass like no one's business. But Tsunade also showed her durable she was to take such a beating and still live.
-Jiraiya showed up to stop the fight and Eliza told him what was to come.

After that...
-Naruto decides to confront Sasuke about some previous stuff between them, which Sasuke doesn't care about.
-Naruto and Sasuke then go at it, with the Konoha nin just kind of face palming themselves.
-They didn't fight for very long, mainly because the Uchiha Anbu from Heaven was there and noticed Sasuke was going to use his OHKO MS jutsu on Naruto, and he quickly stopped Sasuke in his tracks.
-Naruto was just kind of stunned, thinking, was he really about to kill me? Naruto didn't rely on Kyuubi for that fight, and Sasuke didn't rely on CS either.

After that...
-The leader of Akatsuki sends one of it's members, a taijutsu master who is blind, and has a telepathic ability, to Heaven, to find out if Eliza is there, while he goes to Konoha to rip Jiraiya a knew one.
-This blind member gets to Heaven, and with his telepathic abilities, does a major scan of the entire country for Eliza, but doesn't find her. What he does find, however, is the Anbu Uchiha staring right at him from afar.
-A large fight ensues, involving Kakashi, Sakura, Neji, Lee, and Naruto.
-The Heaven nins could have helped, but Naruto insisted they'd handle it. Sasuke didn't join the fight. He was busy gaining background information on the Uchiha history and Kyuubi from Wurai.
-The battle was, a large scale one. I mean, how large scale can you get against a strict taijutsu user, right?
-This blind warrior made short work of Sakura and Kakashi somehow, but got the most trouble from Neji, Lee, and Naruto. Both Lee and Neji showed an incredible level of teamwork together to overwhelm him with their differing taijutsu styles and speed, while Naruto landed the killing blow with his new typhoon rasengan.

After that...
-Eliza and Tsunade decided to set their differences aside to work together in order to save Konoha from AL.
-Team Konoha is thankful for their training and leave Heaven with more information on Akatsuki and their main branch.
-Sasuke seperates from Team Konoha to persue Itachi, yet again, though this time Naruto wasn't upset about it. Neither was Sakura. They had a gut feeling Sasuke could easily beat him now.
-The AL got to Konoha, where he was met with a warm friendly group of Konoha nin to battle.
-AL made short work of ANBU and other random fodder nin, killing Sai and Gai in the process. Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Eliza stood firm and fought against AL. This was an epic battle. Konoha also kind of got messed up during the fight also. Jiraiya was quickly overwhelmed and was forced to go into his Hermit Mode quickly, while Tsunade eventually had to release her seal. Eliza was the one putting up major defenses against AL, which eventually crumbled against him. It got to a point of near victory for AL, with Tsunade unable to fight, Eliza seriously struggling, and Jiraiya pretty much out of the fight.
-We get an emotional moment between AL and Eliza, before he went to kill her, but instead, Jiraiya somehow found the strength in him to knock her out of the way and took the killing blow from AL.
-Eliza cried, as did Tsunade.
-Eliza went to use her 'that' jutsu again, but a newly revived and powerful, and more skilled Gaara showed up, wrapping AL in sand.
-Tsunade sent for help from the Sand earlier, just in case.
-AL easily powered his way out of Gaara's sand attack, and began a larger fight against Gaara, who surprisingly, gave AL a harder time than expected (I don't like Gaara, but I chose to truly make Gaara Kage level).
-Konoha nin are getting close to Konoha.
-AL is shown fighting Gaara, with Tsunade and Eliza on the sidelines, with Tsunade healing injuries taken to both of them, as AL reveals his truly evil, dimented plans for the world, once all bijuus are collected (I myself don't even know the plans lol But they're much better than the ones the real Pain has in the manga >.>).
-Gaara finds that unacceptable, and begins using some new sand techniques we'd never seen before, while AL got serious, which he thought was amusing. That someone outside of Heaven would make him get serious.
-AL shows what he's really capable of, easily dropping Gaara out of the fight.
-Konoha nin arrive (what they don't know is Heaven's Kage followed them back) to see Konoha in shambles. Lee and Neji were in utter shock to learn that Gai was killed in battle, and Naruto seemed almost in denial that Jiraiya was dead also. Sakura treated some of Tsunade's injuries, as well as Eliza's.
-Eliza saw Neji for the first time in a long time, and kind of teared up.

After that...
-Sasuke is at one of Akatsuki's hidouts, confronting Zetsu. Sasuke's new Sharingan hax allowed him to see Zetsu's chakra through the ground. >.>
-Sasuke fought Zetsu to try and get information on Itachi's where abouts.
-The plan didn't go as expected, as Konan showed up. Sasuke then killed Zetsu with his 'that' jutsu, but not before being poisoned by Zetsu. He then fought Konan. Sasuke had many clear advantages against her during the battle, and she knew her time was up, so she told Sasuke where to find Itachi. Sasuke then, in a very out of character moment, killed Konan. Starting something very different happening in Sasuke's mind and personality.
-Sasuke left to find Itachi.

After that...
-AL faces off against Konoha nin.
-Neji and Lee are quickly taken out of the fight, Sakura used some of her genjutsu, but they weren't strong enough against him.
-Kakashi attacks AL, leaving Naruto to go 4TK from the fury he felt at his sensei being killed, catching Kakashi's eye.
-AL is surprised to see Naruto, the jinchuuriki, up to 4 tails, but fights it anyway.
-4TK manages to injure AL, pissing him off, and using one of his more serious attacks, which actually harmed 4TK.
-Kakashi stands back and watches the fight, while also preparing his Mangekyou Sharingan eye in case he's forced to use it.
-Suddenly, Naruto reverts back to base form from 4TK from the impact of a punch Naruto took from AL. The punch was strange, it had a strange, dark, starry aura about it.
-Kakashi quickly jumped in, as he knew Naruto would get killed, and tried using MS on AL. It connected, but did nothing to AL. Kakashi was astonished lol. Speechless.
-AL revealed that his abilities have to do with space and time, literally, which was why Kakashi's MS didn't do jack.
-AL went for a killing blow to Kakashi, but was knocked pretty far away from Kakashi by Heaven's Kage.

I'll type out the rest soon. My fingers hurt. >.>
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