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Re: Christians Unite FC

Originally Posted by dirk667 View Post
yeah, uh i dont think they should just stay home and have kids. im not in the 50's oldschool. they can work do whatever, i dont mind, however, the higher level jobs such a CEO, and yes, president, i do not think they should be able to obtain. as for the non-white and non-christian thing... yeah basically.
Honestly, how did you come to this mindset? It's pathetic, really. There's a reason why women fought for their rights. They weren't happy with their lives. How would you feel if you were a male in a society where men didn't have the same rights we do now? You'd be pretty pissed off, huh? And for non-Christians and non-whites... Dude, that's fucking racist, ignorant, and it gives off a very bad impression on how others view Christians. If you're like this, then what are the chances that among the several billion other Christians there are others just like you, but in the difference is that they're in a position that can influence the younger generation to be just like that? Those chances are pretty high. The Pope is a great example of that. Absolutely ridiculous.

now if it wasnt bad, then 3/4 of the world wouldnt have been trying to stop it now would they? im a lower-class dude myself. and while you would think thats would make me more appreciative towards that, it dont. think about it this way, because the fact there is no class, there is no drive to become better. the government says you dont have to be any better than you are to get sumthing the exact same as some one else. therefore, there would be no world as we know it today. industrial revolution? wouldnt have happened. wouldnt have needed it to. we would all be lazy bums cause we just got handouts. in a way america is already like this, because is social security. take the katrina victims for instance. the government os buying them brand new homes and feeding them. what do they do? ask for more, beg and cry because they were put out. 2 YRS AGO! they have no job, nothing. they havent even tried. that is what socialism does. ruins a country.
Nations feel threatened by Communism because of how it's practiced, it's public image. Also, like I said, nations' governments could incorporate Communist principles without destroying themselves. That's as far as Communism could ever come in this country. V.I. Lenin, leader of the Bolsheviks (a.k.a. the Communists in Russia when it first started) actually opted for a capitalist plan to get the country back in shape. Also, no nation can ever have a pure government. America is a Republic Democracy, but we claim to be a full-blown democracy. Russia claimed to be a full-blown Communist state, but they had capitalism workin' in their favor, too. As for the Katrina victims, why shouldn't they get things handed to them right now? They probably had insurance, our government didn't do shit before, during, and for a while after the hurricanes hit. That's called being fair. Socialism doesn't destroy nations, it's the fucktards who think they know what they're doing.
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