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Is this right?

Ok, i'm just starting japanese and I'm woundering if i'm pronounce these phrases correct (I wrote them myself, i'm so proud *wipes tear*)

Watashi no namae wa amiira desu
wah-tash-ee no nah-maeh wah ah-mee-rah des
Watashi wa jyuu roku desu
wah-tash-ee wah juyou rork-you des
Shyuumi wa manga to anime to dansu o yomimasu
Shyoumee wah manga toe anime toe dahsue oh your-mee-ass (XD)
Youroppa ni sunde imasu
yoh-roh-ppah nee sunday imahsue
Nihongo o hanasemasen yoshi desu. (i'm not sure on the yoshi desu but)Nee-hoh-nogo o hahnah-seh-mah-sehn you-shi des


and any good places where I can find a good Hiragana and Katakana downloads to use?



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