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Away From It All A Bleach Fan Fiction

Hi Everyone I was just bored and wanted to make a Fan Fiction based on the Anime Bleach. So I dont own any of the characters in this story. Or most of the Places such as the Soul Society. Um..Hope you like it I only have one Chapter!^^SO please Read and Comment!^^

Away From It All

A Bleach Fan Fiction a Story featuring Multiple Characters from the Bleach Anime Series.

The story is about what the cast of Bleach did without the fighting just on vacation to get away from it all the first major interactions of Death God and Human.

Chapter 1 A Bus trip to WHERE!?!?!

It was early in the Morning outside Ichigo’s House was A Giant Bus that could fit loads of People. Standing out side the bus was Ichigo, his sisters and his Dad. Also there was Rukia, Ishida, Chad and Inoue.

“Ok! Since we are all here lets Get in the Bus and head on to our Trip to the mountain lounge with Hot Spring, Massages, Sake, Fireworks, and Trips and Most off all Women!” He said loudly laughing.

Karin then gave her Dad a Snobbish look. She said to her self”That idiot its suppose to be a vacation for me to relax but I have to watch him incase he does anything stupid!”

As Ichigo’s Dad and Sisters went in the Bus, Then Followed by Ishida, Inoue and Chad, Ichigo then faced Rukia and asked her “Hey Rukia you were the one who arranged this whole Trip right? Who did you hire to drive the bus?” Ichigo then Went in with Rukia. Shockingly the person driving the Bus was none other than Urahara. Rukia then whispered to Ichigo’s ear “Don’t make a scene I arranged a different Trip for us.” Urahara then gave Ichigo a Smile.

Everyone then sat down in different Places. Ishida and Inoue sat on the second row on the left side of the bus while Chad occupied the whole right side of the Bus. Karin and Yuzu sat on the third row on the left side of the Bus while their Dad sat on the Right.
Joining them was Ururu and Jinta. They sat on the seats behind Karin and Yuzu. The Four of them then started talking. On the fourth row right side sat Tessai. While on the fifth Row on the left side was Ichigo and Rukia.

Ichigo then whispered to Rukia “What are THEY doing here?!” He asked. “Like I said I decided to have this little vacation at the Soul Society! There are nice spots there to Relax” She said calmly. “What!? My Dad and Sisters are expecting some mountain Lounge!” He said in Panic. “Well we are going to a Mountain Lounge at the Soul Society!” She said. “Is that even going to work how are we going to get here with out my DAD or Sisters noticing?!” He said. “We have it all planned out Tessai is seated behind your dad he can make him fall asleep as we go through the Soul Society Gates! Besides your sisters already know lots of things so they wouldn’t think it was unusual!” She said.

The Bus then was traveling through a Mountain Path. Then Tessai then started doing Demon Magic to Let Ichigo’s Dad Fall Asleep. Urahara then started to open the Gates to the Soul Society. “Ok Everyone! Lets get ready to go to the soul society hold on tight!” He smiled and started to open the gate. The Gate then Started to open and he then sat back down and went through. After they had crossed over they were at a Location that looked exactly like the Mountain Path where they just were. He then continued on.

As Night started to fall. Everyone slowly fell asleep. Rukia then told Ichigo “See everything here and on is fine!” She said smoothly. “Yes it sure is except the Fact that Urahara had already Fallen Asleep!!!” He said Shouting at Rukia. “What?” Rukia and Ichigo then ran to the Drivers Area. “Were gonna crash!!” They shouted! Ichigo then tried to wake up Urahara and started slapping him. The Bus was then drawn out of Course.


What will happen to Ichigo and His Crew?

Till Next Time on Away From It All!

To Be Continued…

Yes I know its short I can only think little by little!^^So Enjoy and PLease Comment. Thanks In Advance!
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