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White Racism

Recently the obama/wright story brought to light a very serious problem that is prevalent through out the black culture but not limited to them exclusively, white racism. There is a huge double standard when it comes to determining what is considered racist views among whites and just about every other race on earth. I am sure we have all seen it evidence of this but ether demissed it or simply ignored it all together.

For those of you that doubt this just get a black friend to walk in crowded room mixed with various races of people and say something racist like "Those crackers at school love their mayo". Then get a white friend to walk into the same room and say "Those niggas at school love their chicken". Then watch the difference in the reactions from the crowd. It's not limited to just situations like that. You see it on black tv shows the whole cast will be black and the one white person on the show is always geeky/nerdy while the black people are generally portrayed as cool.

These are just a few examples of white racism there are plenty more but for the sake of not making a wall of text I'll stop there for now so I can see how others view this subject.

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