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The truth behind tobi's left eye

The truth behind Tobi's left eye


I strongly believe that Tobi is Obito. The number one reason why all the Tobito haters or just people who disagree is that they ASSUME Obito died that day, but they are in denial about the fact that in the Naruto World, no one is really dead until a death scene, Obito might not be the exception. I will give some theories about how he survived and became Tobi, all related to the person he is also asssumed to be: Madara (I say assume because kishimoto himself has not stopping writing Tobi instead of Madara in the final comment section of the Manga: it says where Tobi is headed, NOT Madara so Tobi's identity is still not Madara as MANY already assumed).

First I would like to start with the most important and first event on Naruto so far: Kyubi's attack on Knonoha. It has been revealed that Madara was capable of contralling the kyubi and probably summoned him, and that it was his power that made the Kyubi attack Konoha (most probably on revenge for his defeat at the Shodaime's hands). But this has being the biggest question since we got that revelation: If Madara had being alived all those years then, why didn't he attacked Konoha much sooner? No matter how wounded he was he was, it wouldn't have taken him so many decades.

The answer I can only get is that he was sealed. Who sealed him? I have two theories.

1) Shodaime. Why? It was said that the founded Konoha together after forming an alliance. I think that they could have become close friends and that ultimatly, Shodaime decided to seal him in what was to be an eternal prison where he could sleep forever away from Konoha.
Other possibility is that he he sealed him out of necessity. He was not capable of deafeating Madara, so he used a sealing jutsu to imprison him since he was not capable of killing him. He told no one about the location of Madara's prison so that any of his followers would try to release him.

2) Madara himself. After being defeated by Shodaime who assumed he was death. Madara, severly injured, was forced to seal himself, or at least part of him, into a safe place far from Konoha for one day he would resurrect and have his revenge.

So Madara was sealed and had to be released at some time, but when? I think I may have the answer. What is the closest major event in Naruto close to Kyubi's attack (not Orochimaru's betreyal): Obito's "death" on the thrid ninja war.

I think that the battlefield where Kakashi and Obito fought was none other that the location where Madara's prison was located. The battlefield was a forest, and if Shodaime really sealed Madara somewhere, it could be infered that his prison would be earth elemental or near a forest.
In the final part of Kakashi Gaiden, we saw that the enemy soldiers used all ground shaking jutsus that had a great impact on the forest.

What if those jutsu's conbined had the power to break Madara's seal , which was weakened after decades?. What if Madara or at least his sirit was revived after decades of incarcelation. His body might have being weakened after so much time without any activity or his body might have being damaged beyond repair by Shodaime. So right after being awakened, he sensed another Uchiha (maybe that is an ability of EMS), a dying Uchiha: Obito. He was the only one he could sense and, smart as he was, knew he was from Konoha and that nobody would think he was alive, he was just what he needed.

But how did he got him out of the rocks, simple: using the power Tobi is shown to posses.

Tobi is pictured to have the ability to manipulate space and time to allow teleportation in a much higher level than Yondaime. That may be Madara's EMS power. Til now we have only seen him used him to teleport himself, but what if he can teleport others. So he used much of his strengh to save Obito from the pressure of the rocks. Once he got him, he kept him alive with all he got.

Now I'm aproching the Key element of my theory.

He needed a new vessel since his old body was not capable of sustaining himself. So he infused all his personality and spirit into his left eye and inserted it in Obito, who did not had a left eye. Once he took over the body of Obito, he would try to destroy Konoha months later and would fail again. After that, he founded Akatsuki and the rest is the manga.

I know what you would be asking yourselves. What makes you think this? Here is my answer.

In all the images of Madara we have been given now, do you notice something interesting?......His left eye. It has being the only one shown in all his images leaving the right one hidden(scept from the one of him as a child, but his hair gives more importance to his left eye), it was also the first eye he took from his brother.

There has to be some sort of significance to that eye.

It is also the same eye that Tobi does not have, or better say, he does not show. I believe that in the battle with Shodaime, Madara lost his right eye and had kept only the left one. The same one that he would transplant to Obito.

When Obito became Tobi, he whore a mask not only to hide his possible scars and identity, but also to conceil the source of his power, Madara's EMS left eye.

Obito's right eye never developed MS, or at least, it was never used because. 1)It would go blind, and 2) He already had the EMS, so it was not needed. Tobi, as an Uchiha, has the ability to turn off the EMS, and whenever he activates it again, Tobi's right eye truns normal Sharingan while his left hidden eye turns into EMS. I got to this conclusion after watching the last manga. Right after Tobi was seen used his incredible teleportation jutsu, he is seen having a normal sharingan instead of the EMS.

So I strongly believe that behind Tobi's mask, he has a left eye, which is in reality the EMS eye of Madara. And that Tobi is at least Obito's possesed body.

My other theory besides Madara's seal broken and him finding Obito, is that someone retrieved Madara's left eye and Obito's body; revived Obito using forbidden jutsus and inserted the eye on Obito to resurrect Madara.

Hey guys i found this on another website and thought it was a really interesting read and hope you liked it. Honestly i agree with this and it answeres a lot of questions. Post what you guys think...
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