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The Mother of All Theories: Kishimoto Encrypted Uzumaki Naruto Algorithm

The Mother of All Theories
Kishimoto Encrypted Uzumaki Naruto Algorithm

This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill: the story ends; you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill: you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I'm offering is the truth, nothing more.[/I]
Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus, to Keanu Reeves as Neo.
The Matrix

2. Concept of Messiah
3. Miracles
4. Symbols of Christ Appeared
5. Spear of Destiny


Masashi Kishimoto develops his manga main character Uzumaki Naruto to become a savior. Naruto’s savior status has been confirmed during some chapters backward. This savior-ism actually is a general and common concept found in mangas, and other fictional works. But, what many people don’t realize is Kishimoto has been providing hidden symbolism (encrypted algorithm) within certain pages of the manga regarding the main character Uzumaki Naruto. The first part of the theory acted like a path finder, a reconnaissance that helped us in directing the next course of further exploration. It was necessary because the idea of savior-ism (rescuer of the world) is not monopolized only by a single society; it actually exists in almost every civilization ever dwell on earth. As a result of the first part, our further discussion has narrowed into specific subject of the most well known messianic figure in the world. Uzumaki Naruto (initial: UN) is exactly like The Character from The Book.

Concept of Messiah

Messianism is Judaism's most profoundly original idea.

Martin Buber (1878 - 1965)
Austrian-born Israeli philosopher of religion and Zionist.

UN is the destined child. According to the Toad Sage prophecy, he will be the one who save the shinobi-world from an ultimate disaster. It is Mashashi Kishimoto’s privilege if he prefers to use “the destined child”, just like when the Wachowski Brothers used “the one” for Neo in the Matrix movie. In essence both Naruto and Neo are representing a same ideal character, they are the savior who will save mankind, and it’s not overestimating to consider them as the messiah.

In dictionary, the word ‘messiah”, with the small “m”, means somebody regarded as or claiming to be a savior or liberator of a country, people, or the world. Meanwhile, the word “Messiah”, with the capital “M”, means “Jesus Christ” (in Christianity) and “King of Jews” (in Hebrew Bible), an anointed king who will lead the Jews back to the land of Israel and establish justice in the world.

The concept of the Messiah combines the Hebrew ideal of a Davidic king with the priestly tradition exemplified by Moses. Christians have also seen in certain passages in the Old Testament Book of Isaiah a third characteristic of the Messiah, that of the suffering servant (see Isaiah 53). In Christian theology Jesus is seen as the fulfillment of all three concepts.

Judaism suggests that the Messiah must be from Davidic lineage. That’s why when Jesus entered Jerusalem he was welcomed by the citizens with an epic welcoming and spreading palm branches as a carpet before him (just like when King David had a triumphal entry to Jerusalem during the good ol’ days of Israel). Jesus and his disciples entered the city of Jerusalem, where people were gathering for the Jewish festival of Passover. As word of Jesus’ arrival spread through the city, it aroused great excitement because many believed he might be the long-awaited messiah. As you might remember Jesus was having lineage of King David both from his mother Mariah and his father Joseph. Many people of Israel at that time believed that Jesus will deliver them from foreign bondage (Roman Empire) and restore the glory of Israel. Jesus was also called him self as the Son of Man and his disciples had called him Son of David. Judeo Christian follower believed that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah.


They don't always happen when you ask
And it's easy to give in to your fears
But when you're blinded by your pain
Can't see your way straight through the rain
Small but still, resilient voice
Says love is the relief

There can be miracles, when you believe
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
You will when you believe

When You Believe - Mariah Carey (Ft. Whitney Houston)
[OST The Prince of Egypt]

Discussion about messiah is not complete without exposing the miracles. Miracle is extraordinary and astonishing happening that is attributed to the presence and action of an ultimate or divine power. Miracles play as proof or evidence of authenticity that the messiah is sent by God.

The miracles of Christ recorded in the Gospels are an integral part of the New Testament narrative and include raising the dead, transforming water into wine, feeding thousands with a small amount of food, casting out demons, and healing the sick and deformed. Jesus of Nazareth had been observed showing miracles and other extraordinary talent during his life.

Masashi Kishimoto is being suspected to assimilate Jesus’s into one of his main character UN. Therefore, it is necessary to find whether he also assimilated Jesus’s miracles. And it turns out he did. Investigation has detected UN shown the miracles of Jesus in symbolical fashion, hidden inside our manga distribution system.

Raising the dead

UN has symbolically revived Gaara after the Shukaku extraction. Gaara was dead after the Akatsuki extracted Shukaku from his body. Together with grandma Chiyo, Naruto had brought back life to Gaara. You can see this in chapter 279.

Healing the sick and deformed
UN’s physical healing “miracle” appeared in more symbolic and indirect involvement. He did not making direct contact to the sick and cured them. He simply brought them the cure. This happened when UN and Jiraiya succeeded in bringing back Tsunade to Konoha. Tsunade cured Kakashi, Uchiha Sasuke (US) and did a success operation on Rock Lee’s deformed body. Although he wasn’t the doctor, Naruto actually did a crucial role in bringing the doctor.

The genuine healing talent of UN is to heal people’s heart. UN probably has compassion, the ability to feel humane and altruistic feelings. This talent appeared in several events in the manga; during the wave country arc, in the fight with Neji at the chuunin test, in the mission of bringing Tsunade back, and in the fight with Gaara. He even changed Konohamaru’s way of thinking of becoming a hokage, there’s no easy way to reach one’s dreams.

Cast out Demons
Another miracle we would link to is casting out Demons. On a humorous taste UN not only succeeded in casting out demon he eventually made the demon cried. This is happened in the wave country arc during the bridge building. He did made the Demon Zabuza cried by his touching speech.

Zabuza the crying demon
Kishimoto Masashi’s Naruto Chapter 32 page 12
Inane Scanlation

One of the original contexts of the casting out demon miracle is when Jesus of Nazareth secured a young woman name Mary Magdalene from evil spirits. (Luke 8:2). Now we have an inquiry whether UN proven to be once secured a young girl from evil spirit. As a matter of fact he did. This happened when Haruno Sakura (HS) was under Gaara’s threat. At that time, Gaara’s been taken over by the Shukaku and almost killed Sakura (in Chapter 129-137). UN managed to cast out Shukaku and saved HS from demise.

Feeding thousand people with small amount of food
The next miracle we’d like to examine is the “feeding thousand people with small amount of food”. Among most popular Jesus’ miracles is the multiplication of food, such as loaves and fishes. Unfortunately this has never happened in the manga. UN has never been shown to perform this miracle both in obvious or in symbolical manner. But, has never happened doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

Hypothetically, performing the miracle of food multiplication is not really a problem for UN. The key is through his jutsu, the tajuu kage bunshin. Every time he performs kage bunshin he creates real clones of himself with all the gears or equipments fully cloned too. Now if he replaces the shuriken pouch and the scroll bag with food, only require small amount of them, he’ll actually able to produce a large sum of food enough to feed thousand just by using his tajuu kage bunshin.

Turn Water into wine
This is the hardest part of the miracle needed to examine. Its nearly doesn’t exist. UN had a conversation with Gama boss about sake drink inauguration. It was about having ceremonial sake drink first before they made a contract is improbable because Naruto is not old enough. It will show a bad example for kids that actually being the selling target of the manga.

But if you take a look back on chapter 116 opening page you’ll get an amazing discovery. Kishimoto Masashi performed this miracle in symbolic way.

Uzumaki Naruto is carrying a kettle.
Kishimoto Masashi’s Naruto Chapter 116 opening page.

Continued in post#2

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