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Beikoku Rikujin
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Proof against the film "Zeitgeist"

PROVEN FACT: The WTC7 building collapsed because a big gouge was made in the center of the central core of the building due to debris from the taller towers and the core eventually collapsed. You can see photo(s) of this gouge online. The twin towers fell not cuz the steel melted, but cuz steel loses 50% of its strength at the temperature airfuel burns. HTe "Bomb explosions" seen were just smoke plumes from the intersections between the towers' elevator shafts and the observation decks. ALL of the "squibs" came from the observation decks and were most forceful at their ends, even though bomb explosions are strngest a their starts. This PROVES the towers IMPLODED, they did not EXplode. The film "Zeitgeist" is false. Neither Jesus nor that Egyptian guy were born on December 25th, the only reason christmas is on Dec 25th is cuz pagans had their sun festival on that day and the christian church wanted to distract them from their paganism. The context of the Bible shows Jesus was born in the Spring, because sheep-tending there was done in the Spring! The Zeitgeist films claims about the Freemasons are disproven, go to the discovery/national geographic channel/history channel to see the documentary on it. It states: THe "NEw world order" writing on the US dollar says "A new cycle of the ages". If it said new world order, it would say "Novus Ordo Mundi", not "Novus Ordo Seclorum". The design of the pyramid on the dollar was NOT designed by any freemasons, the early politicina who made it was NOT a freemason. THe roads in Washington DC do NOT make a pentagram, the streets obviously do NOT connect all the way to do that. They look more like a spider web to me. THe Freemasons are just a social reform club started in the late 18th century, not satanists. The documentary on TV I saw shows the ritual you go through to be a freemason, it is not satanic at all. THe TV documentary "Secret History of the Freemasons" disproves ALL conspiracy theories about the freemasons. HT efilm is full of unsourced quotes, and NONE of the 9/11 hijackers are still alive. Those you claim to be them are just people wiht the same names as them, not actually them.
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