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Exclamation Can I start a Weekly contest?

Hey Staff of NL,

Hey guys, I was wondering, with you're permission, if I could start a
weekly contest here at NL. The idea is from Smosh and it is a signiture
making contest which gets judged by forum members based on humor to
the assigned theme. At Smosh, it's called SOTW (Smosher of the week)
but if we had it here, I was trying to think of a name similar to it. Like
LOTW (Lounger of the week) or HOTW(Hokage of the week) or even NOTW
(Ninja of the week).

The rules would be as followed:

1. You must have at least 50 posts to enter and vote.
2. Your signature must not be pre-made.
3. Your signature must follow the assigned theme.
4. Your signature must be your own work. If you are asked to prove the
authenticity of your entry, you must do so.
5. Your signature must include your name in some way, shape, or form.
6. Your signature must be of a reasonable size (rectangular in shape with
a maximum width of 555px and a maximum height 400px.) If you are
asked to resize your signature, you must do so.
7. You may only post one entry in one post, and any further changes
to your entry must be posted in replacement of your original entry.
All changes made to any post other than your original entry post will be
8. You may not vote for yourself in the voting thread.
9. If you are caught voting multiple times in the voting thread, you will
receive a one-week suspension from the ( )OTW (including voting).
10. If you are proven guilty of stealing a signature, you will receive a one-
week suspension from ( )OTW. If you are caught two more times following
the first, you're banned indefinitely from ( )OTW.

Failure to adhere to any of these rules will result in the disqualification of
your entry

The submission time would be a 4.5 day period (Time and date depending)
The voting time would be from 2.5 (Time and date depending)
Times and dates are depending based on if this gets approved.
The winner of each ( )OTW will be posted in the next ( )OTW submission
thread. For each week, a small signature trophy will be given to the winner to
place in his/her signature and show off. Much similar to this.
>>>Smosh symbol will be replace with a NL.
( )OTW #( )will be based on which one it is.
Year-The year.

I hope you guys like this idea. It'll add something nice the forum. ^^

Message towards the staff: If this is approved, which section should it be in,
chit chat, or graphics?

Sincerely, Hokage4354


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