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Re: Naruto 404 Discussions

Originally Posted by SilverYondiame View Post
I think the same as you, but there is one serious drawback to the chapter that Kishi I think may have forgotten to fill in. How can Sasuke destroy Konoha (more specifically, attack the higher ups of konoha) when he and his team have to hunt down the 8 tails while AK go into Konoha and get naruto. Like seriously, there is the possibility that AK could have to take out the higher ups to get to Naruto while he is in Konoha. This is the hard part to see because Kishi would almost be foreshadowing that Naruto is going to have to leave the village since Ak will hunt him down. And if he stayed in Konoha, there Sasuke wonldn't ge his chance to go after the higher ups since AK could and probably woudl have to take out the higher ups to get to Naruto. Just a thought if no one thought about it. And yes, Sasuke could just go after getting the 8 tails or before, but then there would be no point to the deal between them save for avoiding death. Still, if Madara is going to be crafty, then he would have to make Sasuke and them go after the 8 tails at the same time as to make sure to get them to hunt down it and then do his own goal.

Its for these reasons that I don't think Sasuke is giong to end up going after the eight tails at all. I think this is where he will attempt tp userp madara and get to the nine-tails first.

Or he may get the 8-tail very quickly and then sit on it as a sort of baragining chip . . .

Either way, Sasuke is going to have to confront Naruto again, but the whole point of this set up is to give both Naruto (And Sakura) an opertunity to show they can develop enough to at least have a reasonable chance against Sasuke.

Kishi can't do that if the village gets bum-rushed right off the bat.
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