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Ok, im sick of people asking these questions here they are!

Sasuke: He first obtained his Sharingan on the night of the Uchiha Massacre, when he gained it, it was 1 spoked.

He gained his SECOND spoke, against Haku, in episode 16, this was the first time it was awakened since the Massacre, and at the time was thought to be the only time awakened as we didnt have the flashbacks to his past.

He gained his THIRD spoke against Naruto in the Valley Of The End, now it proved far too powerful for Naruto, untill he went Kyuubi then his Sharingan was pretty much useless as he hadnt much time with it so far.

Although we dont have any real knowledge for how he gained his Magenkyo Sharingan, i believe it to be, The hate for his brother, the amount he trained for there fight, The death of Itachi, and more importantly, learning the truth about Konoha, and how they forced Itachi too kill the clan, and how Itachi did it too protect Sasuke.

Itachi:Although we dont know the moment, or how, he first gained his Sharingan, or weather it had ONE or TWO spokes, but he aqquired it at a very young age, as the Clan were amazed and pourd at his achievements.

He got the third spoke before the Uchiha Massacre, and is always shown with it, he most likely trained to higher its level, in off-screen time.

He got his MAGENKYO SHARINGAN by killing his best friend, weither from wanting power, or the most reasonable reason, The 3rd told him too kill the clan, but he knew he couldnt at the time, so he killed his best friend in order to gain MAGENKYO SHARINGAN, so he would have the power.

OBITO: During the Third Great Shinobi War, he gained his when fighting some too powerfull enemy ninja, he had TWO spokes at the time, but died soon after obtaining it.

Kakashi:Although not an Uchiha, his was transplanted into his LEFT eye socket before OBITO died, he recieve it with TWO spoked, and with it Perfected his Raikiri(Chidori)

He got his third spoke, most likely through intenst training, more than a usual Uchiha as he wasnt part of the bloodline.

No1 REALLY knows how he gained his MAGENKYO SHARINGAN, but most likely through SUPER INTENSE training, and Hand Seal Perfection.

Madara:We dont know weither he awakened it with ONE, TWO or THREE spokes, as he was born with such an incredible chakra, but if he gained it lower than THREE spokes, then he got up to THREE spokes by fighting his borther and striving too be stronger.

He got his MAGENKYO SHARINGAN through striving too be stronger than his brother, and wanting too protect the Uchihas from the Senju

He gained his PERMANENT MAGENKYO SHARINGAN, through taking his borther eyes and implanting them into his own skull, he stated his borther allowed him too, but he died soon after, the rest of the Uchiha and Senju(they had fromed Konoha at this point) said he did ti for his own lust for power.

Madara's Brother: He gained his EXACTLY the same as his brother excpet, he never manged to gain PERMANENT MAGENKYO SHARINGAN, as he gave his own eyes to Madara, and died soom after

All other uchiha: They either gained a ONE or TWO spoke sharingan when awakened, and probally through intense training or a life or death situation

If awakened with a ONE spoke Sharingan they most likey, trained intensely to gained a TWO spoke sharingan

If awakened with a TWO spoke sharingan, then they gained a THREE spoke sharingan, by training etc.

I doubt any other awakened a THREE spoke, first time of awakening

Itschi stated that Uchihas has been killing there best friend and taking their brothers eys in order too obtain MAGENKYO SHARINGAN and PERMANENT MAGENKYO SHARINGAN, not all Uchihas may have had friends or brothers so they may have only gained a normal MAGENKYO SHARINGAN, or even just a normal Sharingan.

Well i hope this stops all the shitty ass threads.
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