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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 33
Two weeks have passed and Marlboro and UT are leading a group of travelers. There are a total of seven members trudging through the rough winds. The interwebz is like a barren wasteland filled with sand and hills. The winds are harsh and could reach a speed of over 100 miles per hour, there are frequent tornados and sand storms as well. Traveling by foot is an arduous task and could lead to casualties. The members are dressed for the trip with slightly worn tunics, each carrying a backpack filled with supplies they would need for their travel. The hot sun is high in the sky beating down on the group causing the air to rise to extreme temperatures. Marlboro raises his hand to cover his face from a gust of wind and sand.
“Babe you should really wear some goggles to protect your eyes.” UT says very concerned.
“No way babe goggles are not very manly, I’ll take my changes. It reminds me of Russian roulette now that’s a real man’s game.” Marlboro says as he removes his hands from his face as the wind calms down.
A very sexy voice is heard in the background “Can we stop yet? We’ve been walking for almost 12 hours I’m hungry.”
Marlboro turns an looks at the girl almost completely covered in cloth except for her eyes “Alright I guess your right Lolita we can take a break, lets set up for a two hour break we can cook some food and then we continue traveling. If we keep at this pace reaching NL should only take about four days pending on the weather.”
Three other members help Marlboro set up a small tent big enough to fit all the members comfortably, they drive long poles deep into the sand and remove a huge tarp that was packed into one of the backpacks. “You know Tobi you could help us set up the tent instead of trying to make sand castles.” Purple calls out. Tobi attempts to make a tower out of sand but since there is no water to hold the sand up it continues to fall. EJ and Purple gather all the supplies necessary to cook a meal for everyone and begin to cook.
As the two hours comes to a close the group is beginning to pack up all their supplies. Marlboro gathers the group and begins to speak to them “From now on we will be heading West until sunset, when that comes we will quickly have to set up camp because in the area we are in during the night it gets cold enough to freeze anything with water in it. Since we are mostly made of water that means any part of your body exposed to the frigid air will instantly be frost bitten. So everyone has to be precise and follow my lead, when morning comes we will be able to continue the trip.”
As Marlboro finishes his sentence a huge gust of wind blows mounds of sand into the air hitting the group. Squinting his eyes Pride is barely able to see though the sand and sees on the horizon the tip of a tornado. The group shutters in fright and confusion, all but Marlboro are frantic trying to figure out a way to escape the tornado which could possibly hit where they are standing. “Calm down everyone tornados paths are always changing there is no guarantee that it will hit here we will have to wait it out for now but if it gets about half way here we will take precautions on surviving the tornado.” Marlboro commands to the group.
Patiently waiting staring at the tornado the group waits and watches, as it gets closer and closer they realize that it just may hit where they are standing. The tornado is massive being several miles tall and at least 2 miles wide. “Alright group everyone remove the rope in your bag and place the stakes deep into the sand. This should be enough to handle the harsh winds of the tornado, plus if we all huddle together low to the ground we may be able to let it just pass over us.” The group does exactly as Marlboro says and the tornado soon reaches the group, the wind is so strong it begins to pull the lightest member of the group, Lolita. Purple grabs her arm trying to keep her in the group but due to the sand scratching against his bare skin causing many cuts he looses his grip. Lolita’s body is flung into the air she is tied down only by the rope she tied around herself and placed into the ground. Purple tending to his bloody hand notices that the stake Lolita had put in is slowly coming out of the ground. With his other hand he removes the rope from his waist and extends his already cut hand for Lolita to grab. As she struggles to turn her body, which is floating in the air due to the strong air current, her stake becomes free from the sand. Immediately Purple lets go of his rope and jumps to grab Lolita, he catches her mid air and throws his arms around her entire upper body holding her tight to his chest. They are both thrown into the tornado to where the group can not see any reminisce of them.
Because of the loud wind blowing and the rough sand blowing the group is unable to communicate to each other but they all know what just happened was tragic. They wanted to help but due to the important mission they were given they are unable to lift a finger to them. The tornado is still a few feet away from them and the winds are getting stronger as it gets closer and closer. The edge of the tornado is only a few centimeters from Pride’s body but he still feels the sand beating against his tunic piercing through. The sand drives right through the thick cloth he is wearing and soon it engulfs his entire body sending small beads of sand shallowly into his skin just enough for it to hurt. The tornado soon covers the entire group as they all grind their teeth and grunt in order to deal with the pain they are enduring all over their body. What the group does not notice is the sand is so sharp it begins to cut through the ropes that are holding them into the ground. The ropes are only left with a few strings holding them down, suddenly there is a streak passing the group hitting Marlboro and UT as everyone’s rope breaks sending them into the tornado.
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