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Naruto Creators FC

In this FC you create your life in the village(This the Naruto creators FC so we can vote and make a village and make up a kage) that is brand new. No citizens, ninja, homes, or stores. In this FC we will make a village.

*Create a character
*Become a citizens, a ninja, or a villian
*Make freinds
*build your own homes, places, stores and other buildings you can think of
*Move up ranks and becaome a village leader
*Go through life; become anything you want to be, from a shinobi to a stay at home parent or even own your own ramen shop
*Get Jobs
*Learn techniques and skills

-If your a ninja
*Choose a rank(Cannot be Kage or Sannin until earned)
*Use and make your own techniques
*Have fights
*Go on missions
*Have your own squad

*No unlimited power
*No invulnerbilaty
*No god mods

-If you are citizen
Do anything a citizen would do

rasukage -Cheanster


aringay (kiome hyuga)



Ramen Shop
Wepaons Store

Missions Avalible

*Find Gamakichi -60 ryo
*Plant trees -50 ryo

*Teach at the academy for a day -100 ryo

*Escort a important buisness man to the mist viilage (May be assasins)-
400 ryo
*Deliver a top secret scroll -500ryo

*Get information on Akatsuki -800 ryo
*Escort Naruto to Toad Mountain (Akatsuki is after him) -800ryo

*Defeat Akatsuki Leader (Madara) -1500 ryo
*Defeat Pein -1300

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