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Exclamation The Chronicles of Konoha Story

THE FIRST REPORT: Akatsuki Chronicles!
Sasuke: "So the eight tails thinks he can win, eh?"
EightTails: "Yes, now observe as I use my most powerful technique!"
Karin thinks, "Oh no! I better protect Sasuke", she runs up to Sasuke.
Sasuke: "What are you doing Karin?
Karin: "Protecting you...from UV Radiation." She applies SPF 50 Sunscreen.
The EightTails makes a series of handsigns...
EightTails: "Ninja Art: Jutsu of doom!" suddenly ominous Final Fantasy music starts playing, and the clouds all turn black with a swirling vortex in the center. The vortex sends down a ray of light.
Suigetsu: "What...could it be?"
Juugo: Maybe it's an insane asylum! Juugo runs after it, but then notices Mary Poppins is sent down.
Juugo: Pssh, I knew it was something stupid!
Sasuke: What is it senile old nanny?
Mary Poppins suddenly looks up and her eyes glow, Sasuke turns to chocolate.
Chocolate Sasuke: No! Now I will never destroy the ninja of Konoha!
Konohamaru pops up and starts saying "bother bother bother" as he bothers Sasuke.
Suigetsu: Juugo wait!
Juugo runs toward a warddrobe!
Spongebob: Come on Juugo, go ahead, Narnia's in there!
Juugo: Yay! The mystical land of joy!
Juugo jumps in but Spongebob tricks him and he falls into an interdimensional vortex.
Karin: Oh well, chocolate Sasuke looks...creamy and delicious...
Karin eats him piece by piece.
Sasuke: Karin! Stop eating me!
Karin: But you're so tasty and ravishing!
Two hours later...
Karin is overstuffed.
Karin is about to explode...
She blows up.
Karin: a waste of recreational activity!
Suddenly Deidara's ghost comes down and says, "no it's not, it's a BANG!"
Suigetsu: Are you done? Me and the eighttails were playing a little go fish.
Suigetsu: Got any threes?
EightTails: Go fish...
Suigetsu goes insane with anger and uses heat vision to blow up the Eighttails, but then a grand piano falls on him.
Suigetsu: I'm okay...a little dead but okay.
Grim Reaper: And don't you try bribing me like last time!
...Back at the Akatsuki camp...
Zetsu: As it seems, our newly recruited members of Akatsuki appear to have failed their designated mission to capture the eighttails and bring him back respectively to our plans.
Madara: ....NOOBS...
Pein: However, Juugo was found in the Salami dimension, I decided to use a ritual sacrificing him to revive Kakuzu.
Kisame: Uhhh...dude why? He gets hoggin' all the pretzel rods on AKATSUKI BINGO NIGHT MANNNN!
Kakuzu: I'm here you know.
Kakuzu chews on what was supposed to be Kisame's pretzel rod.
THE SECOND REPORT: Chronicles of Naruto Part I
Naruto: Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, and what a it-
Kakuzu: WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have returned to wreak my revenge.
Naruto: Aww man, I just got back from a great time at Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.
Willy Wonka could be seen in the distance, behind a destroyed factory.
Willy Wonka: Yeah, and remember Naruto, don't rasengan the jawbreakers next time.
Kakuzu: Now to destroy you...
Naruto: Uhhh...first, you're pretty hungry, right?
Kakuzu: Hmm...I suppose.
Naruto remembers back to when she tried to eat butter when Sakura was around, he almost took a bite when Sakura smacked him and said, "don't eat that, it has SSSOOOO much saturated fat it's bad for you. If you do, you'll probably have a heart attack after if you eat two tons."
Naruto: How many hearts do you have again Kakuzu?
Kakuzu: Five now, why?
Naruto thinks, "hmmm, I've never been good at math..." He remembers when Sasuke TRIED to teach him multiplication, Sasuke had said, "You see, there's a 1, and a 2, the 1 is the 2's older brother but then the 1 just decides to murder the 3 and the 4. who are their parents, and kills all the other numbers in the Uchiha, I mean integer number set."
Naruto: I guess I'd better go find out! I'm going to find Hinata!
Kakuzu: Wait! Where are you going?
Naruto: wax my corn, then eat my alarm clock, okay?
Kakuzu: ?
Naruto sees Hinata by the waterfall, writing in her diary.
Hinata: And I've always loved-
Naruto: Hinata! Great to see you, hey If I had two dollars, then I got five of those two, how many would I get?
Note that while she is explaining to Naruto math, Shikamaru sneaks over and steals Hinata's diary.
Shikamaru: Ooh, this is juicy info...(Why does Shikamaru need this? Find out on The Chronicles of Shikamaru!)
Hinata: And that's that!
Naruto: Thanks, Hinata, bye.
Naruto kisses her on the cheek and leaves.
Hinata then faints, Shikamaru picks up her diary.
Shikamaru: Now I'll even have time to photocopy it!
Naruto runs back to Kakuzu, who is playing Hopscotch with the Academy students holding an ice cream.
Kakuzu: I have a perfectly good explanation for this...except I can't remember.
Naruto: ? Anyway, I have a delicious banquet for you, fat free ice cream!
Kakuzu: Great! This has no butter, right, I'm very heart health conscious...
Naruto: Nope.
Naruto grins as Kakuzu devours ten tons of butter.
Kakuzu: Tasted odd, and, (HEARTBEAT: THUMP! THUMPLACK! THU! .........)
Kakuzu groans, clasping his heart and falls smack on the floor.
Naruto: YAY! I WIN!
A few hours later...
Shikamaru: Everything is set for Operation: Hinata Exposed!
Tsunade: Excellent, this is going to be fun, I haven't had anything good to bet on lately...
Kiba: Yeah, just hurry already.
Shikamaru: Shadow possession jutsu!
Hinata is possessed with the jutsu.
Hinata: Huh! What is this?
Shikamaru uses the jutsu and walks Hinata over to Naruto...
Hinata moves in forced motions.
Naruto: Is something wrong? DID YOU GET THE FLESH EATING DISEASE!?!?! OH NO!
Naruto went off running.
Hinata: ...Naruto.
Tsunade: Oh no! The flesh eating disease, now let's just hope Hinata isn't lying because I need to perform several extremely painful surgeries!
Hinata: B-mmmm, bu-, mmm!
The shadow bind restricts her free will.
Hinata (Robotically): Why yes, I would love some extremely painful surgery.
Tsunade: All right, this way.
Tsunade drags Hinata all the way to the hospital.
Naruto: Now where was I? I want to play bingo all of a sudden...
Zetsu suddenly appears in front of him.
Zetsu: We have Akatsuki Bingo Night...
Zetsu said this in an ominous but luring tone.
Naruto: All right! Bingo!
A stroke of lightning falls-they arrive at the Akatsuki lounge. Pein is watching educational television, Zetsu is gardening, Pein is getting annoyed because Konan got a paper cut, Kisame was drowning in the fish bowl, Suigetsu was playing rock paper curse seal with Juugo, and finally Sasuke was forcibly making out with Karin.
Naruto: This is the place, huh? I imagined a disco ball and a DJ and I always thought that Itachi would be rapping over there.
Madara: ...Now for bingo, Naruto, we usually when playing bingo, bet something spiritual, great, and possibly powerful, you know, an eraser, a television, A BIJUU, JUST AN IDEA...
Naruto: I'm outta here, hi Sasuke.
Sasuke: muffled speech
Madara says this pointing right to the door...marked clear escape.
He leaves, he walks all the way back to Konoha, then sees Sakura walking by, she's holding golden slips.
Naruto: Hi Sakura, what're those?
Sakura: Uggh, jeez Naruto, don't you know? The big Neji concert is today.
Naruto: Neji has a concert?
Sakura: Duh, he has a band called "The Neji Experience".
Naruto: And I suppose Lee is there too?
Sakura: ...How should I know? Now I'm going to the beach for free water.
Naruto: You think the ocean is a good source of water? Ew, everybody knows the neighbor's toilet is the best source.
Sakura clocks him with a fist.
Sakura: ...Yeah Naruto, bye.
Naruto: I'd better go follow Sakura...
Suddenly Itachi pops up with a gun.
Itachi: Freeze! You're going downtown!
Naruto: What'd I do?
Itachi: You loitered!
Itachi shoots a stream of water.
Itachi: Mangekyou Sharingan!
Itachi teleports Naruto to Tsukuyomi.
Naruto: NO! What are you going to do?!?!
Itachi grins as he turns on a TV, it shows the teletubbies.
42 minutes of torture later...
Itachi: It's called poison, drinking it is magic! Speaking of which, I'm going to poison you!
Naruto: OH NO!
Itachi: Now you must select the antidote!
Itachi disappears, and ten bottles appear.
Naruto: Oh no, which could it be?
Nine are marked "WRONG", one is marked "ANTIDOTE".
Chouji runs by while Naruto tries decide.
Chouji: Hey Naruto.
Naruto: Wha? Oh Chouji, I have something for you.
Naruto gives Chouji a pamphlet for weight watchers.
Chouji: N...ARUTO!
Steam rises out of his eyeballs, but then a cute bunny rabbit spits fire at him! Chouji runs away, the bunny chasing him.
A few moments later...
Naruto: Why aren't I at the beach?
Naruto's Conscience: You imbecile! Just saying to the beach won't teleport you there!
Naruto: That's it! Get out of me, you stupid conscience! I don't need you!
Naruto's Conscience: Uhh, you do need me, otherwise you'd be just pure evil.
Naruto: Whatever.
Naruto pulls his conscience out, then starts walking to the beach.
Next Time: Oh No! What will Naruto do?

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