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Captain Commander evil?

So after reading this manga and watching the anime since the start I get the feeling the captain commander is evil.
Here are my points. (Keep in mind the evidence is a combination of anime fillers and manga)

1. When Aizen, Gin, Tousen murdered the courtyard of nobles, there's no way the commander could be fooled so easily to not know they were dead. That or he's a horrible leader who's ignorant to his surroundings.

2. This one bugs me. When the commander was rdy to fight the 2 capts. I forgot their names atm. He beat them their in secs. But when the news came out through a hell butterfly that aizen was a traitor, he wasn't the first one their...hell he was one of the last ones to appear; and when he got there didn't do anything. That was very conveient don't you think....

3. When momo was talking about Aizen to hitsugaya during the arrancar arc. HE was sure quick to shut her up. Was she close to saying anything that my jeopardize his plans.

4. Hell last episode of the anime. He was involved in illegal weapons in SS and when it was close to coming out of the open he took the guy out. If that doesn't say evil then I don't know what else does.

And the list just keeps going on and on and on. Thoughts?
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